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shutterstock_64283608When histories of the Obama Era are written — please, God, only two years more! — two great ironies will be noted: that the most progressive president since Johnson, and the most academically cloistered since Wilson, presided over a period of tremendous booms in domestic fossil fuel production and a continued restoration of Americans’ full Second Amendment rights, both of which the president and his allies opposed.

On the latter, it’s really amazing to recall just how far we’ve come of late. The twin decisions of D.C. v. Heller (decided during Obama’s first campaign) and McDonald v. Chicago (decided during his first term and, deliciously, with his home town as the defendant) confirmed that the Second Amendment is an individual right that both the federal government and the states are obliged to recognize. Relatedly, all fifty states now have at least some form of concealed-carry law.

More importantly, crime statistics during the period have overwhelmingly contradicted the predictions of the gun-grabbers, who spent decades arguing that gun control was the only thing preventing America from descending into chaos. This simply has not happened, and there’s strong (if not conclusive) evidence to support the theory that allowing law-abiding citizens to protect themselves actually reduces violent crime. For an interesting and — given our recent conversations — rather topical take on the matter, consider this piece on Chicago’s down-tick in violent crime since conceal carry permits became available.

All this happened not only on Obama’s watch, but in opposition to his efforts. After a quiet few years, the president and his congressional allies swung into full gun-grabber mode following the Aurora and Sandy Hook spree murders, only to have their efforts go nowhere. And while some states — notably, Connecticut, Maryland, and New York — have passed laws that restricted magazine size, these are relatively minor setbacks compared to the enormous gains made elsewhere. Many other efforts sputtered out entirely.

Member Mike Rapkoch and Victor Davis Hanson argue that many of the presidents’ critics are wrong to think Obama incompetent; rather, they say, he’s implementing a strategy to which most people are blind. To me, his amazing failures on these two issues argue strongly in favor of the opposite thesis.

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  1. DocJay Inactive

    Cannot he be both incompetent and evil?   I’d like to think so because it all fits together so nicely.

    Thank goodness Obama failed at his attempts on gun grabbing.

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  2. Pilli Inactive

    DocJay:Cannot he be both incompetent and evil? I’d like to think so because it all fits together so nicely.

    Thank goodness Obama failed at his attempts on gun grabbing.

    So far.

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  3. Mario the Gator Inactive
    Mario the Gator

    When seconds count, the Police are minutes away.

    I recently watched the movie “American Sniper” and liked the metaphor used by Chris Kyle’s father involving Sheep, Wolves and Sheep Dogs.  I made it a point when we left the movie theater to explain to my children that the reason Sheep Dogs need guns is because the Wolves have them.  Sheep are in favor of gun control because they have a false belief that it will keep the Wolves from getting them and they are afraid to protect themselves (hence the reason they are sheep).

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  4. user_554634 Moderator


    Certainly Obama has had his failures. I’m just not convinced that he sees these as such, but as set backs that, in the long run, will be overcome. Dr. Hanson argues that O has a prophet motive, and that he believes he will ultimately be vindicated, even if he looks like a fool today. He is a man of breathtaking arrogance. Charles Krauthammer believes him to be a egotistic, narcissistic, megalomaniac. It seems to me that Dr. H implicitly believes that O’s arrogance stems from a grand vision of himself and his desire for “hope and change” that will ultimately vindicate him. Like all megalomaniacs he is simply unconcerned about the now, except to the extent that he must lie and cheat as he gathers power. That power, in his mind, is necessary if the vision is to take root. It seems to me that the aura of incompetence has been skillfully used to disguise his real agenda. I have never once heard him admit to failure–even on gun control. In his heart he believes that he is the political Isaiah.

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  5. user_554634 Moderator

    Also, this from VDH:

    Contrary to popular opinion, the Obama legacy will not be found at home but abroad, in reordering the global role of the U.S. from an establishment power to a revolutionary force for change.

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  6. user_189393 Inactive

    It makes sense that after 8 years of increase in tyranny (continuing that from prior 8 years I might add),  more people  are ready to take a new look at options that offer liberty (on guns).

    As for Gas – cash is always king, not matter who is in the office.

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  7. Ricochet Inactive

    Nice M9. Not the 92FS you usually see. Where did the pic come from,!that the serial number and Beretta badge were both photoshopped (more
    Like MS Paint) out? Usually the government takes off the serial, and commercial interests take off the badge.

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  8. user_1938 Member

    You have forgotten about Operation Choke Point.

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  9. skipsul Inactive

    Aaron Miller:You have forgotten about Operation Choke Point.

    Not to mention Fast and Furious.

    There is also Obama’s latest attempt to do an end run around Congress by signing the Arms Trade Treaty.  He’ll never send this to the Senate for ratification but we can well expect our proto-tyrant to attempt to enforce many provisions therein.

    Then you should recall the ongoing meddling with BATFE classifications on firearms, their going after Ares Armaments for selling unfinished lower receivers, continual threats to restrict ammo imports, and now draft plans to change just who is classified as a “firearms manufacturer” – itself another direct stab at gun stores who perform light repairs.

    We’ve made overall progress as a nation in spite of Obama, but the Dem states have generally seen a number of setbacks instead.  California continues to get worse, you neglected to mention Colorado regarding magazines, and now both New York and Connecticut gun owners face house searches and likely felony charges for previously legal firearms.

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  10. user_189393 Inactive

    Aaron Miller:You have forgotten about Operation Choke Point.

    It is a good try.

    I have recently gotten in a situation where I will get an opportunity to speak with Jim McKelvey, Co-Founder of Square.  Square, as you recall is one of the company that has openly refused to do any business with Gun related businesses.  I will be sure to ask him what gives.  Stay tuned.

    This is why I support bitcoin and places like the silk road.  “When they came for my….”

    The technology world is on pace with working around regulations.

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