Wishing a Speedy Recovery to Michael Medved


MedvedIt’s an odd thing, but when you listen to a fair amount of talk radio, you develop a sense that you know the hosts you hear most often, almost as if they were your friends. As indeed they are, on some level. I sometimes spend hours alone in a car on surveillance, and in those times I am grateful for the company talk radio provides. But it’s not just the company I enjoy, it’s the entertainment and education offered by the hosts with whom I pass the time.

Michael Medved is one such host. I listen to at least part of his show almost every day, and much of what I miss live, I catch up with through his podcast. He has provided me with entertainment and education by the truckload for years, for which I am very grateful. It’s a gloomier day for me when I don’t hear at least once his proclamation, given at the beginning and end each broadcast hour, that America is “the greatest nation on God’s green Earth,” a sentiment I ardently share.

So it came as a shock when Mr. Medved announced in the final hour of Friday’s program that he would be taking some extended time off to recover from throat cancer, for which he has been undergoing radiation and chemotherapy since being diagnosed in December. Hearing the news from him was almost like hearing it from a close friend. He posted a message on the subject on his website Friday, and reading it offers a lesson in handling adversity with dignity, grace, and optimism.

I will miss his voice while he is away and will pray for him and his family as they pass through this trial.

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  1. user_278007 Inactive

    Our prayers go out to him and his family.  Thanks, JD.

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  2. Western Chauvinist Member
    Western Chauvinist

    Godspeed, Michael. May you be blessed with a full and speedy recovery, and return quickly to the work you love.

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  3. user_517406 Inactive

    I will be praying for you Michael.  I heard your show on the radio yesterday and was very moved.  I’m so glad to hear you are upbeat and confident and that you have such good medical care and a good prognosis.  I look forward to hearing you back on your show at the end of February.

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  4. SallyVee Inactive

    So glad you posted this Jack. I heard it too and it hit me like a family member was giving me the news. I thought, after the initial shock, that a golden hour of broadcasting had unfolded. There was something very special about it, not least because Medved is such a class act, but also because several really kind and decent people called in with comfort and encouragement.

    The last bit of the note he posted is incredibly poignant:

    As important as politics can be (and it’s one of the animating passions of my life, obviously), my situation serves as a powerful reminder of the profound truth in one of the greatest conservative quotes of all time, from Dr. Samuel Johnson in the 1770s:

    How small, of all that human hearts endure,

    That part which laws or kings can cause or cure.

    Here’s hoping for cures, and causes, well beyond the range of earthly laws or rulers.

    You’ll be hearing from me soon.

    – Michael Medved

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  5. user_5186 Inactive

    I just heard of this earlier today. Very sad to hear. Michael is a mensch. As one of his callers always says: Michael, you da mensch.

    I was a big fan of his when he first moved to Seattle. He built the radio station, KTTH here.

    I have met and talked to Michael probably a hand-full of times. Michael has a very nice persona — he’s calm, sweet, he looks you in the eye and he listens carefully. What a nice combination he has in that he has the big brain (really big) and he has a warm and wonderful heart. His wife, Diane, is very much a match for him. She and he seem to have a great partnership and she will get him through this, I know.

    God bless you, Michael — and may He pour out His healing blessings on you and your family through this difficult time. My wife, Cate, and I want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

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  6. Herbert Woodbery Inactive
    Herbert Woodbery

    I consider Michael the best conservative talk show host in the business . Mr Medved is thoughtful and doesn’t just tow the party line. Best wishes Michael and thank you so much for what you provide to the national discourse.

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  7. RushBabe49 Thatcher

    I echo everyone else.  We went to Israel with the Medveds in 2007, and we call them friends.  They are in our prayers always.

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  8. Scott Reusser Member
    Scott Reusser

    Yes, he’s family.

    Be strong, Michael. Spring and baseball and your voice on the radio will be here soon.

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  9. T-Fiks Member

    Michael is part of the family here in my Tacoma household, and we all remember when he first came north to Seattle years ago. He is often a voice of moderation among the conservatives on the air, and for that he sometimes elicits a grumble or two on this end of the broadcast; but when we heard the news on his program Friday on our kitchen radio, it was like getting a painful phone call about a dear friend.

    Hang in there, Michael; and we’ll be anxious to hear your powerful voice and intellect again on that kitchen radio.

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  10. Podkayne of Israel Member
    Podkayne of Israel

    What’s his Hebrew name (Micha’el ben-(mother’s Hebrew name), so we can pray for him? (For most things, one’s Hebrew name uses the father’s name, but in matters of healing, we use the maternal name, because mothers are associated with mercy.)

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  11. Byron Horatio Inactive
    Byron Horatio

    I hardly like any talk radio guys anymore except for Michael. I actually met him back in 2008 after I graduated high school. Still have an autographed copy of “Ten Big Lies” at home. Very sorry to hear.

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  12. BastiatJunior Member

    God speed Michael!  We praying for a speedy recovery.

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  13. Nanda Panjandrum Member
    Nanda Panjandrum

    Prayers, of course!

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  14. Tom Meyer Contributor
    Tom Meyer

    Larry Koler:Very sad to hear. Michael is a mensch. As one of his callers always says: Michael, you da mensch.

    And he is. Thoughts and prayers to the Medveds.

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  15. Ricochet Member

    Oh wow, I love listening to Michael Medved.  Lord, hear our prayers for his recovery.

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  16. Podkayne of Israel Member
    Podkayne of Israel

    Podkayne of Israel:What’s his Hebrew name (Micha’el ben-(mother’s Hebrew name), so we can pray for him? (For most things, one’s Hebrew name uses the father’s name, but in matters of healing, we use the maternal name, because mothers are associated with mercy.)

    Not having any luck finding his Hebrew name, though someone else on his website asked the same question for the same reason. Not that G-d doesn’t know where to send the prayers, of course, but I believe it does help me.

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