‘He’s Someone in a Uniform That Cares’


Bashing cops seems to be all the rage these days. While the bad apples garner most of the press — and even good officers are portrayed as monsters — most law enforcement personnel quietly go about their jobs keeping our community safe.

A group called NationSwell tells the story of one unsung hero. Sgt. Steve Wick leads the Homeless Outreach Team, a group of Houston police and mental health case workers who work with that city’s homeless population. The group responds to complaints associated with homelessness, but also helps these people locate help and shelter.

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  1. Ryan M Member
    Ryan M

    Does the uniform care, or is he someone in a uniform WHO cares? ;)

    p.s. cops are like social workers. Some join for the powerful unions and then suck at what they do, others join because they sincerely care.

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