The Coalition of the Stop Calling Us Evil Privileged Oppressors


shutterstock_179064074There’s new coalition in town: the Coalition of the Stop Calling Us Evil, Privileged Oppressors. And it grows every time they’re demonized. Which is all the time.

It grows every time Joe Biden says that they’re going to put black people back in chains. Every time those who oppose redefining marriage are called homophobes. Every time those who oppose third trimester abortions are condemned for fighting a war on women. And when those who oppose Obamacare are accused of wanting poor people to get sicker and die.

It grows when those who support gun rights are blamed for all shooting deaths. When people who believe in God, or who question any part of the global warming narrative, are called anti-science.

It grows whenever it is implied that they didn’t build their success but rather stole it by oppressing others.

It grows whenever it is said or implied that what’s wrong with the world is America, whites, men, straights, Christians, and conservatives.

It grows whenever the Tea Party is mocked as teabaggers or condemned as the American Taliban.

It grows whenever President Obama, Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Lena Dunham and Al Sharpton mock or condemn them.

It grows whenever it is implied that they’re the coalition of the descendant. That the world will be better as soon as they and their old rich bigoted white male friends die off.

It grows faster than the coalition of the ascendant. Because few people are black, transsexual, crippled, atheist, and poor, while holding all the correct views, and being politically correct all the time. Everybody is part of some group that’s demonized as an oppressor, and most of us get tired of apologizing for it. Everybody sometimes says something that can be condemned as ableist, heteronormative, misogynist. The bar on racism is now so low that we all cross it all the time without noticing.

Even radical feminists are helpless against claims that they’re evil, retrograde oppressors of transsexuals. Even they eventually realize they’re being mocked by others in the Coalition of the Oppressed for their focus on upper class white women while ignoring the truly victimized.

At some point, we’re all demonized as oppressors. At some point, many of us decide we’re done associating with the sanctimonious jerks who dehumanize everybody with whom they disagree.

Republicans are working hard to connect with those who were told that Republicans hate them. Dems just keep demonizing others as stupid bigots.

Republican winners last week included Mia Love, Tim Scott, Joni Ernst, Greg Abbott, Shelley Moore Capito, Elise Stefanik, Carl DeMaio and Susana Martinez. They are the Republicans’ answer to Wendy Davis and Sandra Fluke.

It’s the Coalition of the Stop Calling us Evil, Privileged Oppressors. And it is ascendant.

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  1. Concretevol Thatcher

    Count me in as a member!  May need a shorter name for the bumper stickers though…..could go with SCUEPO?

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  2. user_48342 Member

    I completely agree.  By the way, before the election I felt like I couldn’t talk about this in public.  Did anyone else feel that way?  I hadn’t realized how depressing I found that until after the election, and suddenly people were talking about the Democrat’s men problem.

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  3. Inactive

    Some people talk about it. I’ve long had an unhealthy obsession with it.

    I think it stems from Krauthammer’s Law, “Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.” If anybody’s interested, I added some corollaries.

    I think this has changed somewhat and now liberals think that conservatives are stupid AND evil.

    I think my biggest political obsession is that “liberals” need to give conservatives just a tiny fraction of the open mindedness that they give to the Taliban.

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  4. user_1184 Member

    Joseph Eagar: I hadn’t realized how depressing I found that until after the election, and suddenly people were talking about the Democrat’s men problem.

    It probably shows just how fair and just the Democrats are.  After all, most men in this country are white males.

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