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Here is a tidbit from Ferguson, Missouri:

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – In a recent statement, Michael Brown’s mother asked that her son not be part of self-serving business or political actions as she pleaded that he be remembered for the good.  A reported assault and theft this past weekend may dramatically underscore that sentiment.

It happened Saturday night, October 18th, at about 8:15 pm in the parking lot of Red’s BBQ.  It’s on the corner of Canfield and West Florissant, just blocks from where Michael Brown was shot and killed.

Police sources tell us Brown’s Grandmother, Pearlie Gordon, along with Brown’s Cousin Tony Petty, were selling t-shirts and other Michael Brown merchandise.

A police report describes a car pulling up and several people getting out. One of those people, was reported to be Michael Brown’s Mom, Lesley McSpadden. A witness described McSpadden yelling ‘You can’t sell this s%$&.” One of the relatives, who was selling, reportedly demanded McSpadden show a document proving she had a patent.

The police report says that’s when an unidentified person with McSpadden assaulted Petty so violently that it resulted in a 911 call. A witness tells Fox 2 that the weapon was a metal pipe or pole. The suspect reportedly struck Petty in the face. Medics then took him to Christian Northeast Hospital. The witness said the assault suspect grabbed merchandise and a box of cash believed to contain about $1,400.

It appears surveillance cameras could have captured the fight and be part of police evidence. Police report no arrests at this time.

Someone was being entrepreneurial. Someone else became angry. Was the cause indignation? Or jealousy? I suspect that we will never know.

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  1. Basil Fawlty Member
    Basil Fawlty

    It’s obviously racial. One must have been of lighter hue than the other.

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  2. Larry3435 Member

    Workplace violence.  Clearly.

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  3. Pencilvania Member

    No no. George Bush.

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  4. TG Thatcher

    It sounds like an unfortunate [extended] family squabble – very sad.

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  5. liberal jim Member
    liberal jim

    TG:It sounds like an unfortunate [extended] family squabble – very sad.

    I agree!

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