Wendy Davis™ Served Her Purpose


Something special is about to happen in Texas.

Progressive media is going to watch helplessly as one of their Frankenstein creations, Wendy Davis, is tossed to the electoral ash heap. Never a serious candidate as much as a symbol of everything modern liberalism stands for, the goal of elevating Davis had nothing to do with her actually becoming governor of Texas. They have much bigger ideas in mind.

Everything about Davis and the snake oil show sold by media and her campaign echoes one of their previous successes: Launching another former state senator into the stratosphere of history without doing due diligence on who he actually was. Always print the myth because the truth doesn’t matter.

Fresh off the pink tennis shoes of a Ted Cruz/Rand Paul-inspired filibuster — complete with pocket catheter, jars of feces and an appearance from the dark lord himself — national media tried to portray Davis as a feminist icon. They cast her as a strong, independent woman; the next Ann Richards. Shortly after it was revealed she attended college at the expense of her ex-husband, whom she kicked to the curb right after he footed her last student loan payment.

The media tried to portray Davis as a struggling starlet during the worst of economic times. A small town girl living in a lonely world. A courageous young mother, like a script written for Julia Roberts’ latest Oscar bait. Turns out that anecdote was limited to just a couple of months.

Next came the Herculean effort to jump-start her campaign as a hip grassroots movement. Led by a generation of millennial girls who didn’t want none of that Rick Perry all up in their lady parts, Team Wendy would permanently turn Texas into a blue state. There were rallies held by comedian Sarah Silverman and tweets from Hollywood actresses. Then came the revelation — almost as if the Davis campaign was parodying a Pace Picante commercial — that a chunk of her campaign donations came from out of state.

Of course, that was followed by campaign ads and tweets claiming Greg Abbott was exploiting his disability, which led to the spectacular implosion of her entire campaign. Why lose with dignity when you can make the most absurd claims in hopes of headlines and an expanding national brand?

And that’s where the real lesson of Wendy Davis comes into play. The point of Wendy Davis was never to become governor of Texas as it was to expand her national identity. The other tactical usefulness of the Davis implosion is as a canary in the coal mine for Democrats, leftists and media alike as they prepare for a Hillary (or Elizabeth Warren) presidential campaign. The Davis campaign was a mere dry run for the coming liberal feminist revolution we’re all about to beaten over the head with, non-stop, for the next two years.

Davis served her purpose and will be hailed briefly as a martyred heroine who fought valiantly right before being aborted by the party altogether.

“Ready for Grandma” and the national party will toss her aside while compiling data on what issues polled well and applying that data to a national war for women. We will see the exact same celebrity endorsements and, thanks to the ever-radicalization of liberalism, probably more jars of poop as well.

Wendy herself will be forgotten, allowed to retire quietly into obscurity where no one will ever hear from or see her again — with her own show on MSNBC.

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  1. user_57140 Member

    This does seem to be the modus operandi of the Democrats.  They choose cadidates based on focus groups, and look about a quarter of an inch deep.  John Kerry was a classic example.  In a time of war and nationwide patriotism, what could be better than a Viet Nam veteran (did you know he was a Viet Nam veteran?) who had been awarded three purple hearts?  They played that war hero angle ad nauseum, but seemed to overlook the fact that Kerry was unpopular among his fellow servicemen in Nam and he dishonored all veterans of that war by telling the most egregious and damaging lies about them before the US Senate.  As for the purple hearts, he threw those over the fence, whether literally or figuratively, showing his contempt for military service.  In Wisconsin, we have another example in the current Democrat candidate for Governor, Mary Burke.  Again, she seems perfect, if you don’t look too deep:  an Ivy League education, experience in managing a worldwide company, and hey — she’s a woman!  What more can you want?  The fact is that she is a spoiled, very often unemployed heiress, who only got her job with Trek because of her daddy, and who has so few ideas of her own that she had to plagiarize her entire budget plan. Sadly, she may very well win, because hatred of Scott Walker among so many runs so deep that they don’t care what they put in her place.  At least in Texas, Wendy and her pink tennis shoes will be sent packing.  Couldn’t she take Mary with her?

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  2. Western Chauvinist Member
    Western Chauvinist

    Karen Humiston: Sadly, she may very well win, because hatred of Scott Walker among so many runs so deep that they don’t care what they put in her place.

    That, and Democrats cheat.

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  3. gts109 Inactive

    I think you can explain her story much more simply: she is an attractive, female Democrat in Texas who is a Harvard-trained lawyer, and had the guts to stand up for abortion “rights” in a conservative state. The media and coastal liberals were salivating over the prospect of someone like her coming from somewhere like Texas. Everything else–like whether her filibuster supported a morally decent cause, the full story of her background, her abilities as a candidate and politician, etc.–was details.

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  4. user_57140 Member

    Western Chauvanist:
    That, and Democrats cheat.

    Well yes, there’s that.  Lots and lots of that.  And they are so very good at acting morally superior as they do it.  Quite a trick.

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  5. user_517406 Inactive

    Democrats always think the ends justify the means.  Republicans know that the means are the core of our system of government.

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  6. user_245883 Member

    So is Wendy the Dieppe raid lessons learned for Hill or Liz’s Operation Overlord?

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  7. jerrel1956@yahoo.com Inactive

    She will be rewarded for her sacrifice.  She will be emigrating to another state and getting a soft

    cushy tenured job lecturing other women about politics and women issues. See Anita Hill.

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  8. Funeral Guy Inactive
    Funeral Guy

    I’m still trying to figure out the logistics of the poo jars. Did she run to the bathroom? No, then what would be the point? Is there an anteroom that the rules allow you to enter during a filibuster? Is it the one place where cell phone cameras don’t work? What if her aim was off? Now you’re stuck like a baby with poopy hands and a diaper. I heard about the catheter (makes sense) but the poo jars? I seriously want to know how she pulled that off. Why not take a handful of Immodium? She would suffer for a few days, but jeez. Good thing I hate Democrats, I’d hate to be in a situation where I’d have to shake her hand.

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