Obama Endorses Regime Change in Iraq


Buyb1A2CMAAHqDG.jpg-largeIraq’s wildly unpopular prime minister Nouri al-Maliki is hunkering down in Baghdad, refusing to heed public calls to step down. Iraq’s president increased the stakes by appointing Dr. Haider al-Abadi to be the country’s new prime minister.

Maliki blasted the move, accusing president Fouad Massoum of violating Iraq’s constitution and denouncing moves by Washington to shore up Abadi.

Interrupting his ill-timed vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, Obama praised American air strikes on ISIL and issued a pro forma statement supporting the new government.

“The only lasting solution is for Iraqis to come together and form an inclusive government,” Obama said. “One that represents the legitimate interests of all Iraqis and one that can unify the country’s fight against ISIL. Today, Iraq took a promising step forward in this critical effort.”

Obama noted that both he and Vice President Biden called Prime Minister Abadi to congratulate him and show U.S. support. He strongly encouraged Iraqis to “come together to support a new and inclusive government.” Obama never mentioned Maliki’s name in his four-minute statement and answered no questions from reporters.

Photo credit: Pete Souza, White House


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  1. user_997034 Member

    have to go with my gut on this, whatever obummer advocates, do the opposite.  although this kind of sounds like he’s doing that too.

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  2. user_10225 Member

    I, for one, am grateful that the President is decidedly against nation-building!

    Oh, wait…

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  3. user_86050 Inactive

    While we’re waiting for Maliki to respect and play nice with others … Baghdad is basically surrounded, and the leadership question is probably about to be answered by ISIS.

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  4. user_124695 Inactive

    Would that be like the regime changes in Libya, Egypt or Syria? Getting kinda crowded under that ex-dictators’  bus. In America, Mrs Clinton seems to be hoping for  regime change in 2016 so that Mr Obama can retire to his CA mansion and head his World Peace Foundation, funded by exorbitant speaker’s fees.

    I guess Mr Maliki was getting in his opponents faces and punishing his enemies – the around 47% of the population who didn’t vote for him. He may even have tried to disarm them, arm the neighboring country, open the border and subliminally encourage the Iraqi tax collectors to go after tea-drinkers who were against his regime.

    Just as well that couldn’t happen in the US.

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  5. Roberto Inactive

    Amusing, but while suitable for mockery such “actions” are in all other respects irrelevant. 

    At times I wonder if political pundits simply assume other world leaders and foreign policy personnel are as feckless as their colleagues simply because those are who they interact with. The President is entirely impotent and meaningless to world affairs now, it is a secret to none.

    At this point I cannot believe there is a single nation that has yet to realize this.

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  6. Eeyore Member

    Jon Gabriel, Ed.: Obama…answered no questions from reporters.

    That’s because he really couldn’t, Jon. I’m fairly certain he simply said “Write me less than 5 minutes on what you think is the most politically salable viewpoint for me. Then tell me why that’s so.”

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  7. george.tobin@yahoo.com Moderator

    I thought Obama was advised to dump Maliki in 2009.  Maliki kicked Sunnis out of the government, installed corrupt incompetents, ruined the command structure of the Iraqi army,  fixed an election. alienated his own people, threatened the USA with replacing us with new ties to Iran and created every part this current mess a long time ago. 

    The Golfer-in-Chief delayed months even appointing an Iraq ambassador, failed to rein in this Maliki clown, fumbled the SOFA negotiations, took credit for what Bush left him then bailed.

    This is the most incompetent President ever. I hereby apologize to Jimmy Carter who now seems like Bismark or Richelieu by comparison to the Clown-in-Chief.

    The world order shaped and sustained by the last 7 US Presidents has been pissed away by one weak narcissistic twit.

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