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  1. genferei Member

    I don’t know who is putting out these Kronies videos

    But it’s right there on the video: Chimera Incorporated

    Chimera Incorporated is a leading multi-disciplinary holding company with offices in Washington D.C., Brussels, Riyadh, and Beijing. (永恆的祝福我們的高級理事會尊敬的朋友們!) Chimera seeks to leverage strategic partnerships with major world governments to capture and control a diverse range of industries, including consumer goods, green energy, defense, telecom, and finance. It’s a model that allows us to seize 100% of the potential upside while eliminating the troublesome risks associated with competition, innovation, and financial default. Since our founding in 1887, Chimera Incorporated has been recognized as a trailblazing pioneer in the fields of regulatory capture and rent-seeking. At Chimera, we believe that it is both our duty and our right to shield consumers and our stakeholders from the chaos of the unconstrained market.

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  2. Last Outpost on the Right Inactive
    Last Outpost on the Right

    It’s the circle of life in Washington, DC

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  3. Little Ricky Cobden Inactive
    Little Ricky Cobden

    Russ Roberts’ collaborator on the Hayek vs Keynes rap videos, John Papola has a hand in this.

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  4. Mike H Coolidge
    Mike H


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  5. user_1700 Coolidge

    Papola’s company, Emergent Order (, is the creative force behind The Kronies. Although it’s not listed under the samples of their work, note that the graphic of “Big G” is prominent in the background of their Web site.

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