Russian Terrorist “Demon” Executes Two Hostages on YouTube


BezlerThe separatist military commander of the east Ukraine town of Gorlivka is shown, on a new video of his own making, executing two civilian hostages. Russian citizen Igor Bezler — nomme de guerre “Bes” or “Demon” — is shown on the video threatening that he will shoot eight captured military hostages unless the acting president of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turchinov, frees a captured Russian agent.

Before giving the order to fire, “Demon” complains that he has waited three days for the hostage exchange and cannot wait any longer. Therefore, Citizens Budnik and Vasiushenko will be executed, he declares. “Demon” then gives the order to fire as he walks away casually. The video records the shots being fired and shows the victims falling to the floor. [Note: the link points to a story about the video that includes an embed of the video itself. It’s no longer viewable, however, as it’s been removed from YouTube.] [Update: the video is viewable via the linked article, where someone has posted a new YouTube address in the comments section. While it is not nearly as graphic as the standard violence you’d see in a Hollywood film, viewer discretion is still advised].

We do not know if the execution is real or fake. Experts must decide that question. The important point is that “Demon” intended to use this action to intimidate Ukrainian officials.

Turchinov rejected “Demon’s” ultimatum and demanded that he be tried as a war criminal.

That “Demon” has been recorded, in an intercepted call, ordering the execution of murdered Gorlivka city council member Volodymir Rybak on April 17 lends credibility to the view that “Demon’s” You Tube execution is real. See this piece I wrote for the Kyiv Post for more specifics.

We know the details of Bezler’s background: he’s a Russian citizen and a veteran fighter in Russia’s wars in Chechnya, Georgia, and Transnistria. Although Putin denies Russian fighters are in east Ukraine or claims that he has no control over them, they are clearly doing his bidding. “Demon’s” video of a real or staged execution shows the extreme brutality and sadism of Putin’s henchmen.

And the world pays little attention.

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  1. Moderator

    It is inconvenient to confront Putin. Even the European Union that should know better based upon the history of Europe in the mid to late 1930’s to the late 1940’s and that isn’t counting the Cold War years live on the false hope that Putin will get “better” or at worst they will have to sacrifice Ukrainians and the Ukraine so they can continue to live in the false bliss that willful ignorance brings. Unfortunately our own President has already reached the willful ignorance stage.

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  2. AIG Inactive

    Doug Watt: Even the European Union that should know better based upon the history of Europe

     The Europeans would have capitulated, gracefully, to the Soviets many decades ago if left to their own accords. 

    Not only are they not interested in confronting Russian aggression, they are perfectly happy with it. French and Italian military companies have had lots of technological transfers, sales and joint projects with the Russians.

    Besides the two helicopter carriers the French are selling them, French armored vehicle manufacturers are working with the Russians to develop their new generation of armored vehicles. Italian companies (like IVECO, which is owned partially by an American company) sold the Russians licenses for building 4×4 military vehicles. The same vehicles the Russian special forces used in their invasion of Crimea. Now their major helicopter manufacturer (owned partially by the Brits) is looking at joining with the Russian main helicopter manufacturer. 

    Western Europe can’t be trusted with anything.

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  3. danys Thatcher

    Putin has oil & isn’t afraid to use it as a tool to control other countries.  And our President & his allies don’t want to use our oil or coal to free ourselves or our allies. Crazy.

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  4. Moderator

    Paul thanks for carrying on the fight. I linked to your post in the comments section on my post that has generated more heat than light. I’ll take the heat and hopefully the light comes later. I find it hard to believe that we have learned nothing from events that cost millions of lives and yet we cannot find our way off that circular path. Keep up the fight.

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  5. user_11047 Inactive

    AIG: Italian companies (like IVECO, which is owned partially by an American company) sold the Russians licenses for building 4×4 military vehicles.

     Something’s amiss with the ‘restricted countries list,’ vis-a-vis licensing agreements.  Think State is a bit slow with the updates??  Perhaps they don’t know…

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