Climate Alarmists Claim Another Scalp


Three weeks ago, a distinguished meteorologist called Professor Lennart Bengtsson joined the advisory board of the Global Warming Policy Foundation – a London-based climate skeptical think tank founded by Margaret Thatcher’s former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Lawson.

This represented a huge coup for the cause of climate skepticism. Formerly an avowed warmist, Bengtsson was by some margin the most distinguished climate scientist to defect to the other side. Why did he do so? Because, like all good scientists, he went with the evidence. Bengtsson’s speciality is climate modelling. Shocked by the increasing divergence between the extreme warming of the climate models’ doomsday predictions and the mild-to-non-existent warming of real world data, Bengtsson realized that he could no longer support the so-called “consensus.”

But now, as I report at Breitbart London, there has been a shocking new development. Bengtsson has been forced to resign his position. Why? Not because he has changed his views on the “consensus,” but because of the reaction of his alarmist former colleagues. He has been subjected to so much bullying because of his “incorrect” thinking that his health has suffered and he was beginning to wonder whether he would ever work again.

Bad news though this may be for poor Professor Bengtsson, I can’t help thinking it’s good news for the cause of climate realism. His vile treatment at the hands of the bullying warmist establishment has, once again, exposed the fundamental dishonesty of the scientists propping up the great global warming scam. True science is about open enquiry not petty bullying, appeals to authority, and the closing down of the argument. Maybe someone should point this out to John Kerry…

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  1. flownover Member

    What a sad indictment of a now totally corrupt community . Further evidence of our inability to trust anyone now that the scientists are the last group to slink  out through the  church door . The mathematicians will be next ( let Derbyshire bar the door ) . 
    Seduced by money , they were weakened by an already corrupt academia who was looking for a substitute after failing at converting the world to communism . Thankfully deconstructionism failed at reconstructionism , they just couldn’t keep it together …
    Keep the battle going Master Delingpole . The evidence file is growing and the channels of exhortation multiply . Breitbart needs a Big World chapter as well. How much can be going in UK anyway ? ( has Kate bought any new frocks ??)

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  2. Tuck Member

    So that’s what “consensus” looks like! 

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  3. Hartmann von Aue Member
    Hartmann von Aue

    Is there any chance that Bengtsson could be persuaded to reconsider? He does understand that by resigning, he is siding with the people who remind him of McCarthy against ….himself, right?

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  4. Metalheaddoc Member

    What was the point of resigning? He has already committed ThoughtCrime. Resigning won’t undo his heresy in the eyes of his foes.

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  5. Eeyore Member

    I don’t think the AGW folks see this as bullying at all. He was crushed by the weakness of his own false consciousness. And, after all, they didn’t have to imprison him, right? So, he should feel lucky.

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  6. user_5186 Member

    The Soviet Union collapsed but not all their good works. The methodology they taught our academic and media brethren continues to bear fruit in ever more creative ways. 
    Ain’t it great that our president is concerned about bullying? If only he knew what was going on in the climate debate he would do something about it, I’m sure. We need to get the message to him and Michelle, don’t you think? Because that would really teach these professors a thing or two about bullying. They don’t want to be the recipient of a tongue lashing by the President of the United States. Nosiree. (BTW, did you know that he won the Nobel Peace Prize? This guy is — like — really cool, isn’t he?)

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  7. RTsquard Member

    Professor Bengtsson’s resignation letter is published here:
    Whether it’s good news for climate realism remains to be seen. There is no doubt the alarmists see it as a victory for their side.

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  8. user_124695 Member

    The consensus in Climate Religion, err, I mean, Pseudo-Science is for the same reason that there are no gay people in Iran, other than those hanging from cranes.

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  9. user_4462 Member

    How about #BringbackourScientists?

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  10. user_199279 Coolidge

    Looks like the members of the Warm Earth Society finally got to him.

    There’s nothing more alarmingly hilarious than watching scientists shut other scientists up.  It is the opposite of science.

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  11. RightinChicago Member

    Pointing out facts to John Kerry is like trying to describe a rose to a blind person with no sense of smell.

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  12. mask Member

    Fear and intimidation are core parts of the scientific method and the peer review process.


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  13. user_11047 Member

    Ugly, arrogant bastards.

    We might want to question where they stuck the thermometer to obtain the earth’s temperature. 

    Oh, the average temp.  For that we are reminded of the statistician who, with head in a hot oven and feet in a bucket of ice water, remarked that on average he felt fine.

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  14. user_11047 Member

    Ugly, arrogant bastards.

     We might want to ask where they stuck the thermometer to take the earth’s temperature.

     Oh, the average temp.  For that we are reminded of the statistician who, with head in a hot oven and feet in a bucket of ice water, remarked that on average he felt fine.

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  15. user_11047 Member

    What happened to the above??????????

    Tried fixing it and it timed out 3 times.

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  16. Yeah...ok. Member

    The consensus on abortion gives women the right to destroy a living unborn human.

    Why can’t men have the right to potentially inconvenience future unborn humans?

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  17. Nick Stuart Member
    Nick Stuart


    Pointing out facts to John Kerry is like trying to describe a rose to a blind person with no sense of smell.

     Like trying to explain Fermat’s Last Theorem to a gerbil.

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  18. user_11047 Member

    Larry Koler: Ain’t it great that our president is concerned about bullying?

     Great point.  Professors and students who say something that makes someone ‘uncomfortable’ are bullied by way of speech codes. Reputations are ruined,  careers derailed – or ended. Scientists who believe in the scientific method and stand to be counted are bullied into silence. Careers are derailed or ended.  And what is the response to this bullying?  Crickets.  The hypocrisy of those who would preach about the evils of bullying in ElHi without addressing this is astounding.  What message are the kids getting?  Free speech for me, but not for thee?

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  19. Kozak Member

    The truly faithful have far more hate for an Apostate then an Infidel.

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