Upcoming Ricochet Meetups


This past weekend saw Ricochet members gather together for baseball in Texas and dinner in California. Want to get in on the fun? Here are some of the upcoming meetups:

May 10 — Fargo, North Dakota (w/James Lileks)

June 4 — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

June 14 — San Diego, California (w/Troy Senik)

June 26-29 — Mackinac Island, Michigan (national meetup w/Dave Carter, D.C. McAllister, Troy Senik)

July 2 — JUST ANNOUNCED —Salt Lake City, Utah

July 26 — Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Milwaukee Brewers baseball game and tailgating)

Remember to also visit Ricochetmeetup.com for ongoing updates.

Not one in your neck of the woods? Start organizing it over on the Member Feed and we’ll help you promote it!

We hope to see you at a Ricochet meetup soon.

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  1. Misthiocracy Member

    May 10 — Fargo, North Dakota (w/James Lileks)

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  2. Caryn Thatcher

    With all due respect to my fellow members, the supposed “National” meet-up at Mackinac Island is starting to be crowded out by so many other local gatherings and is awfully shy of real “National” Ricochet representation.  We have heard of wonderful gatherings in Las Vegas and Los Angeles that have included all (or most) of the “bigs” and other notables besides.  Again, with all due respect, as much as I enjoy their work, Dave, DC, and Troy aren’t enough for me to drive 450 miles and pay several hundreds of dollars.  When planning was first announced for this, I was excited and looked forward to attending, expecting it to be something like a smaller version of a NR Conservative Summit.  Now, I must say, not so much.   The deadline for reservations is approaching; please step this up or it’s not going to amount to much.

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  3. Stad Coolidge

    Atlanta, please please please . . .

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  4. user_138562 Moderator

    The link to the Fargo Meetup goes to the wrong place.  Here is where it should go.

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  5. 6foot2inhighheels Member

    Thank you for your comments.  The last time I checked, it looked like about 50 were planning on attending our beautiful Island getaway. It is true that I have to release the holds on remaining rooms in a few days, but Mission Point will honor the original pricing for rooms that are still available.  Also, the great thing about Mackinac is that you can stay anywhere, including in Mackinac City, a short ferry ride away, where the accommodations are inexpensive for families. In addition, the Michigan arm of Americans for Prosperity has been very interested in Ricochet, and the head, Scott Hagerstrom, who faced down a mob of Union goons when Right to Work passed in Michigan, will be speaking on his experiences, and the latest on AFP’s progress in battling Obamacare. 
    It’s going to be a great weekend, and truly “National” since people are coming from all over the country and beyond.  Of course, we want the principals of Ricochet to join us, but I am no longer surprised when the weekend meetups become unforgettable, epic events.  It turns out that our membership is incredibly interesting, with or without celebs, events or distractions.

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  6. Quinn the Eskimo Member
    Quinn the Eskimo

    There are actually two Meetups in Philadelphia.  There is also a meetup on June 11 that FightinInPhilly and I are organizing.

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  7. GingerMa Inactive

    I was wondering if any fellow nerds would be at San Diego Comic-Con?

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  8. user_138562 Moderator


    I was wondering if any fellow nerds would be at San Diego Comic-Con?

    I don’t know about that, but there will be at least a couple of us at WesterCon in Salt Lake City, and there will be a Ricochet Meetup the night before the convention starts.

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