What Do You Want from a Republican Congress? — Troy Senik


A piece of heartening news, from USA Today:

A nationwide USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll shows the strongest tilt to Republican candidates at this point in a midterm year in at least two decades, including before partisan “waves” in 1994 and 2010 that swept the GOP into power. Though Election Day is six months away — a lifetime in politics — at the moment, Democrats are saddled by angst over the economy, skepticism about the health care law and tepid approval of the president.

And while I’d need to see more polling to be convinced that this development is for real, there’s even this shocker: a poll in Oregon, a state that’s been on virtually no one’s radar, shows the Republican senate candidate within four points.

Now, let’s apply the standard disclaimer: a lot of things can happen between now and Election Day. The tide could go out. But the fundamentals of this cycle seem to strongly favor the GOP.

From which observation, a question: if Republicans are in control of both houses of Congress come January, what do you want to see from them over the following two years?

We all probably have our laundry lists of things we’d like to see a Republican congress do with a Republican president, but what could the GOP do in the much more constrained atmosphere of the Obama Administration’s final days that would make you feel they were earning their keep?

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  1. user_1447 Member


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  2. PracticalMary Member

    The most pressing and truly serious issues are repealing Obamacare (not ‘fixing’-this one alone will ruin us), and getting rid of (or severely limiting) the EPA.

    Next is lowering or getting rid Capital Gains Tax, etc.
    Then ditto what everyone is saying.

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  3. user_385039 Inactive

    Salamandyr: #4 “I demand an end to pious moralizing from cretinous hypocrites as they make it more difficult to live our lives, all to mildly inconvenience some criminals whose activities hurt our society less than the laws that have been put in place to stop them.”

    Perhaps you could be a bit more specific about what pious moralizing you are offended by?

    Perhaps you could be a bit more specific about which cretinous hyprocrites  are making it more difficult for you to lead your life?

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  4. Yudansha Member

    Outlaw (or repeal authorization) for any SWAT teams in any and all federal departments not called “Justice.”  Even the Dept. of Homeland Security doesn’t need one.  They can borrow Justice’s.  Oh… and eliminate the Dept. of Homeland Security.

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  5. Arahant Member

    Perhaps I’m a little radical on this front, but if Secretaries of Treasury, War, and State and the AG were enough for G. Washington, it’s enough for me.  I’m all for melting some departments like the witch in the Wizard of Oz film.

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  6. user_189393 Inactive

    Balance Budget.
    Spending Cuts.
    Abolish a program or two.

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  7. Julia PA Inactive
    Julia PA

    KC Mulville: ocus on what the debate should have been about before ObamaCare – i.e., really addressing the healthcare finance problem, instead of trying to pass a bill and claim victory. 

     amen. have the discussion that should have been had before Obamacare was accepted before anyone read it or thought about what is would DO .

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  8. user_45283 Inactive

    I want them to leave me alone.  I want them to stop trying to ‘lead’ me.  I want them to stop ‘fixing’ problems, stop taking care of me, stop trying to keep me from failing by preventing me from succeeding.  And i want them to roll back all the attempts the have previously codified in attempting to do all those things.

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