That Old Clintonian Dysfunction


As Hillary Clinton is gearing up for another possible run at the presidency, Politico has written an in-depth story regarding Clinton’s love-hate relationship with the media. And it is mostly hate, as one of Clinton’s advisers is more than happy to admit: “Look, she hates you. Period. That’s never going to change.” I am more than willing to believe those words, and they point to why Hillary Clinton should never be president of the United States.

We are still being governed by an administration that claims to have been the most transparent in history, even though the record is clear that it is anything but. And this is an administration with relatively good relations with the media, featuring a president who has basically been a media darling ever since he burst on the national and international stage. If an administration with this many advantages when it comes to being able to charm the media still sees fit to make a mockery of transparency, what makes anyone think that in a future (Hillary) Clinton administration, there will be anything resembling more transparency, especially when one considers Clinton’s often-difficult history with the press?

Yes, there were times when this relationship improved, but those improvements never lasted Additionally, when one considers that Clinton has always had troubled relations with the White House press corps and with reporters on the presidential campaign trail — and when one reasonably anticipates that those troubles will resurface if Clinton runs and gets elected — one can also reasonably anticipate that a Clinton White House will indeed be even less transparent than the Obama White House has turned out to be.

“But Hillary Clinton has been victimized by the press,” I hear you cry. Perhaps. Here’s my response: I don’t care. Shall we run down the list of the many, many, many Republicans who have gotten a bum rap from an ideologically driven press corps? Was George W. Bush treated well by them? Look, if you want to be the most powerful man or woman in the world, you are going to have to put up with some nonsense along the way. A hostile press corps may well be one such bit of nonsense, and if a hostile press corps is too off-putting to the likes of Hillary Clinton, then her dilemma is easily solved: Hillary Clinton shouldn’t run for president. There. Problem solved. No nonsense to put up with.

But it will not do for either Hillary Clinton — or for any other presidential candidate for that matter — to do what she very clearly wants to do: run for president without all the hassles of being transparent. Presidential candidates –especially heavily favored ones like Clinton – should not be allowed to have it both ways. Either she is going to have to learn how to play nice with the press, have to remain open with them – and with the American public as well. There can be no middle ground.

Yes, there are some matters that can be secret; even presidential candidates have personal lives and zones of privacy. But Clinton’s history of hostility with the press raises the legitimate concern that she will withhold information that the American public deserves to know simply to spite the media. And that kind of situation is intolerable.

If a disingenuous middle ground is sought by a future Clinton campaign — one in which Clinton is allowed to withhold vital information while pursuing (and perhaps coasting to) the presidency — then the American public should stand ready to reject her campaign, just as it did in 2008. We have had enough of faux-transparency from a White House that could have used the admiration of a fawning press corps to deliver real transparency to the American people. The last thing we need is a president with a history of enmity towards the press,  which would end up being even more opaque than the Obama administration has been.

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  1. user_86050 Inactive

    Hillary leaves people with the general impression that she’s just plain mean. She’s the woman you avoid on Halloween, because she’ll give you a small, healthy snack, and then complain about the damned kids in the neighborhood. She just doesn’t like people.

    And most of all, she doesn’t like being questioned. How dare you. 

    And yet, we discovered in 2008, that there really isn’t a lot behind her snarl. She’s not a great leader or organizer. She doesn’t inspire anyone because of her ideas or energy. If you’re not intimidated by that snarl and sneer, she can’t get her way. She’s like a Jedi mind trick … she only works on weak minds.

    Like Barack Obama, the enthusiasm about her is all derived from her iconic role. The first black … The first woman … But she herself doesn’t have the skills. People are excited about her because of what she is, not because of what she can do. 

    People were seduced by Bill Clinton because they sensed that he was willing to sell away the store, so you could get something out of the deal. Hillary gives nothing.

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  2. Gary The Ex-Donk Member
    Gary The Ex-Donk

    The Presidency doesn’t particularly suit her temperment.  Queen, or perhaps Empress, seems a better fit.

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  3. user_199279 Coolidge

    Hillary is the woman at work who is forever frowning and you make sure to be extremely polite to in case she take offense and file a harassment suit on your unthinking male behind.

    In other words, she’s someone that a 100-yard buffer isn’t sufficient enough.  All that said, I’m completely disinterested in a tired old bag trundling for office.  Thanks.  We’re looking for leadership in this office, not a tired and embittered woman looking to cash in on something everyone tells her she “deserves”.

    We deserve better.  It’s hard to quantify the exponential factor of better here, because if you multiply anything by zero, well, you get Hillary 2016!

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  4. Nick Stuart Inactive
    Nick Stuart

    When the time comes it’ll take the Jaws of Life to pry the MSM’s lips off HRC’s posterior. They’ll clamp on like a starving lamprey, and she’ll be glad to accommodate them, until the day after the election.

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  5. user_358258 Member

    I’ve not noticed the MSM trashing Hillary.  It’s true that they abandoned her for Obama in 08, but that’s it.  Mostly it’s been the same fawning coverage Dems always seem to get.

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