Did Donald Sterling Tape Himself?


Reported in the LA Times yesterday, but not really noted in our earlier discussion on the taping of Donald Sterling.

The site is also reporting that sources who have heard the entire hourlong recording say Sterling absolutely knew he was being recorded. TMZ Sports has reported Stiviano has said she has more than 100 hours of recorded conversations with the 80-year-old Sterling, who is said to have used the tapes to refresh his memory because he frequently forgot what he said.

If that is true — and, given that it comes from TMZ, it doesn’t get the same level of credibility as the MSM (for reasons I am not sure I can explain) — does this change anyone’s opinion on whether Sterling was wronged? Based on what John Yoo said on the flagship podcast today, this would seem to remove any legal issues for the ex-girlfriend and the league. Again, I’m not a lawyer, so what do you think?


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  1. user_337201 Inactive

    If that happened, that still doesn’t clear the legal issues for publishing the tape. I think the issue changes from illegal recording to possible theft of the recording, assuming Sterling didn’t also make a habit of sending the ex-girlfriend copies. Depends on how he stored the recordings and whether he gave her his passwords and/or keys.

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  2. user_1938 Member

    to refresh his memory because he frequently forgot what he said.

    That’s probably because, as a woman, she forgot nothing and he needed recordings as defense against that. But perhaps his lawyers could plead senility.

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  3. EJHill Podcaster

    Miss Woods… Miss Rosemary Woods to the WHITE  courtesy phone please….

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  4. Freesmith Inactive

    Well, then Sterling is just out-of-touch in more ways than one.

    If you knew you were being recorded frequently or all the time wouldn’t you exercise more self-control in your speech? Wouldn’t anyone be more guarded, more conscious of the impact of one’s words in those circumstances?

    Small towns tend to enforce greater conformity among the citizens because everyone knows everyone else’s business. Even in ancient Athens self-control – sophrosyne – was strengthened by the freedom to comment on others’ behavior: wives, even slaves could testify against free citizens in court. You had to be on your best behavior.

    Sterling should have been circumspect, knowing he was being recorded. That he wasn’t makes him even more pathetic.

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  5. user_358258 Member

    I was confused by the use of the terms “credibility” and “MSM” in the same sentence.

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  6. user_82762 Thatcher


    Miss Woods… Miss Rosemary Woods to the WHITE courtesy phone please….

    Yes, another episode of the Wide World of Weirdness brought to you by Paranoia Studios.

    Title:  The Agony of Defeat in the Mouth.



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  7. King Banaian Contributor
    King Banaian

    Randy Webster:

    I was confused by the use of the terms “credibility” and “MSM” in the same sentence.

     Will say the thought crossed my mind as I wrote the sentence. 

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