Join Us in Southern California This Weekend


If you’re a Ricochet member in Southern California, I have two questions for you:

1. You just filed your taxes, right? What the hell are you still doing here? Get out and take your things while you still can!

2. What are you doing this coming weekend?

Okay, technically that’s three questions. We call that “California budget math.”

Either way, Ricochet members FeliciaB and 6foot2inhighheels are hosting a Ricochet meetup next weekend in Orange County, to be held at Antonello in Santa Ana at 6 PM on Saturday, May 3.

Why should you come? Well, you’ll get to meet Ricochet contributors like ADP Efferson and Roman Genn. Also, chances are that you’ll have an extraordinary amount of fun with friends you never knew you had. Just check out this Member Feed thread with people sharing the great experiences they’ve had at past events.

Of course, we conservatives weight benefits and costs, so, in the interest of full disclosure, there is one deterrent to your attendance: I’ll be there too — pending the indulgence of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department anyway.

Come join us for an evening of conversation, conviviality, and conservatism (alliteration — for those moments when you desire to feel totally emasculated by your writing!). You can sign up and get more thorough information here.


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  1. user_891102 Member

    Toyota Motor USA was way out in front of you on your Question #1 (or 1-plus).
    They’ve officially joined the GTT ranks!

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  2. danys Thatcher

    So disappointed to miss this; attending a fundraiser.

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  3. Midget Faded Rattlesnake Contributor
    Midget Faded Rattlesnake

    Where was the header picture taken and who took it? It’s lovely.

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