Strategika Podcast: Ian Morris on Whether We Can Cooperate with China


In the latest installment of the Strategika podcast for the Hoover Institution (the last one for awhile — our next installment of shows will be on Russia, with Kori Schake, Thomas Donnelly, and Ralph Peters), I talk with Ian Morris — archaeologist, historian, and the Willard Professor of Classics at Stanford University — about the prospects of the future relationship between the United States and China being cooperative. 

Professor Morris shares his impressions of how the relationship is perceived overseas (he recently returned from Hong Kong), considers the question of which historical power represents the best analogy for modern China, and looks at the shortcomings of the U.S. “pivot” to the Pacific.

You can download this episode directly here. You can subscribe to the Strategika podcast in iTunes here.


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  1. Manfred Arcane Inactive
    Manfred Arcane

    “China is leaving the region’s governments unable to ignore Beijing’s lead—even if that includes shutting the U.S. out of the world’s most important markets.”
    – Huh?  What does this mean “shutting…out”?  We readers have no clue.

    “the difficult choice Australia faced between its main strategic partner (America) and its main economic partner (China)”  
    – What choices?  Again, the reader is clueless.

    “China today probably has enough submarines, mines, and missiles to keep American ships out of its littoral”
    – Where’s the war-game or military analysis that substantiates this opinion?

    “Xi Jinping needs to take Teddy Roosevelt as his guide, not Kaiser Wilhelm, speaking softly while carrying a big stick rather than noisily demanding a place in the sun.”  
    – Are we into daydreaming now in academia?

    Come on folks, this is scholarship?  Strategika could be something special, but not if all it does is offer up puffery for “analysis”.  Had this article addressed substantively all the questions I mention above, it might have been worthy of publishing here.  Otherwise not.  Sorry.

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  2. user_525137 Inactive

    I just downloaded all the Strategika podcasts. I’ll be listening to this one today. Thanks for the notice. I’m always on the look out for good pod.

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  3. user_989419 Inactive

    Troy, I like these.  Why do you get no respect?  Neither Hoover nor Ricochet carry Strategika.  Maybe you could do a joint podcast with Flyover Country some time, thus forming a nascent audio rebellion…

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