LGBTQWXYZ: When Rhetoric Makes You Ridiculous


At this time of national trial, Our President tweets:

As we recognize the immeasurable contributions of LGBT Americans during Pride Month, we renew our commitment to equal rights for all.

Now, gay and lesbian Americans have made great contributions to our country and civilization. But I ask you: is the best way for the President to promote an equal rights agenda to declare that transgendered Americans have made “immeasurable contributions” to anything? Has a list been started of immeasurable contributions that bisexual Americans have made? Why have bi-curious Americans been excluded? Who will be the first to decry the President’s omission of those Americans who choose to self-identify simply as queer? Mobilize the pressure groups!

It’s not the President who’s tweeting these lines. It’s Organizing for America, “the grassroots organization for President Obama’s agenda for change.” Nonetheless, Obama is responsible when his avatars indulge in rhetoric that makes him ridiculous. This insistence upon the official celebration — far beyond mere toleration or even acceptance, and far out of proportion with reality — of any and every sexual identity is madness. Don’t ask me — ask stauch Obama supporter and LGBTQWXYZ critic Andrew Sullivan.

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  1. Profile Photo Inactive

    Dennis Prager wrote at NRO this week about the LGBT coalition being about the Left’s desire to obliterate any differences between the sexes. He says the battle for gay acceptance and equality has already largely been won. I think this is good. Like most Americans, I believe all people should be respected and treated fairly no matter what their sexuality is.

    But, I do not think the sexes are interchangeable. There are real and important differences between men and women, and the ideal of traditional marriage should be protected. Mr. Obama’s tweet seems to me like an attempt to condition us to the idea that we are all the same…the greatest repression of all.

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  2. Profile Photo Member

    I’m just tired of all these mono-organ chauvinists ignoring the pivotal role the hermaphrodite community had in the founding.

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