At The New York Mississippi Picnic


Greetings from Central Park, where I’m frying catfish flown in from Yazoo City, Mississippi for the annual Mississippi Picnic. Never heard of it? Listen in on the Ricochet podcast for details.

Let me take this opportunity to express my deep sympathies for those affected by the Gulf spill, and my confidence that Mississippi is taking the right measures to help meet the region’s challenges.

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  1. Profile Photo Contributor

    Welcome to Ricochet, Governor Barbour. When asked to briefly summarize my disagreement with the president’s economic agenda, I quote from your inaugural Ricochet podcast from a couple of months back: “The American people know you can’t spend yourself rich.”

    Best wishes in your immediate work to stanch the damage flowing from the Gulf spill.

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  2. Profile Photo Editor

    Governor, those are some serious eats. Catfish from the Mississippi Delta are tastier than catfish from any other place in the world. And they’re farmed better, too.

    The Delta is one of those places i I instantly fell in love with — the food (especially here and here) and the people and the history….an amazing place.

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  3. Profile Photo Inactive

    Mmmmm. Fried fish. Any hush puppies, too? I admit I can’t stand fried foods (been too long in Southern California) but I absolutely fell in love with fried catfish and hush puppies when visiting relatives in Florida.

    So, how are the meetings going with those bond rating people? Has the catfish softened them up a bit?

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