Most Important California Victory


Some say Meg. Some say Carly. I’m going with the Lakers, who took it to the Celtics in Boston last night to win back home field advantage after dropping it in LA. So far, this is one of the best defensive finals I’ve ever seen. Shooting percentage for both teams is in the tank but not for lack of skill, just too much D. Still, Sunday had Boston’s Ray Allen breaking something like four finals records by draining 8 three-pointers, 7 in a row. And last night, Derek Fisher proved, what I keep saying, that old guys rule as he kept the Lakers ahead despite a Celtic run in the fourth. Great series so far, now at 2-1 LA. Primaries? What primaries?

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    When was the last time a red state team had a real shot at the finals?

    I’ve been anti-Lakers since the Democratic National Committee Chairman moved them from Minneapolis to Los Angeles.

    How’s that for channeling Nicolas Chauvin? But I still like Andrew Klavan. ;-)

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  2. Profile Photo Inactive

    The most important race of the last 50 years may just be decided in Philly tonight. With any luck, Lord Stanley of Preston, 16th Earl of Derby, and member of the Conservative Party, will be returning to Chicago.

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    You’ve got it right, Andrew. If there were a stat for “charges drawn” and “clutch shots made despite less athleticism than opponents” Derek Fisher would be all time leaders in both categories.

    The one thing I miss about the Lakers — that makes me a tinge nostalgic for the past — is Chick Hearn calling the games. As a kid I’d listen to him for the whole regular season on Channel 9 and Prime Ticket. And then when the playoffs came, and the networks covered the telecasts, I’d turn down the TV volume, tune into the Lakers radio broadcast, and create my own simulcast.

    Even without Chick, though, it’s special to grow up watching Magic, Kareem and Worthy, and Shaq, Kobe, and Fisher, on the hometown team.

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