Malaysia’s Next Top Muslim


Fox News:

The show, called “Imam Muda” or “Young Leader” […] is a natural fit for Malaysia, a Southeast Asian nation that has tried to defend its Islamic traditions while also welcoming high-tech industry and Western culture. It’s these parallel strains in society that the program taps so successfully.

The producers say they want to find a leader for these times, a pious but progressive Muslim who can prove that religion remains relevant to Malaysian youths despite the influence of Western pop culture. Even the prizes combine both worlds: An all-expenses-paid pilgrimage to Mecca and a car.

I have to remind myself time and again that reality TV cannot be condemned simply because a lot of it is enervating dreck. Even some super-popular or apparently superficial reality TV shows — Top Chef or Project Runway — combine authentic personal idiosyncrasies with artificially programmed competition to produce inspiring entertainment. And the best reality TV shows remind us that no matter how much you might look or act like other people, there’s still only one you. I hope this translates well enough into a Muslim context. There’s no real reason why it shouldn’t…aside from the worst of reality TV. Can you really have one without the other?

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  1. Profile Photo Contributor

    Sounds like some pretty gripping reality TV:

    The 10 young men have washed corpses according to Islamic rites, cried while counseling unmarried pregnant women and joined a police crackdown on teenage motorcycle racers — all before judges on national TV.

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  2. Profile Photo Admin

    “Dawg, your chant of ‘Death to America!’ was just a little too pitchy for me.”

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