Who Knew The Fail Blog People Were So Sensitive?


I don’t think the this claim is going anywhere, but it’s not the worst one I’ve seen. Meg Whitman’s campaign has done a nano-second long parody of the sarcastic Fail Blog site and essentially the blog is sore that the Whitman campaign was clever enough to think of it, so they’re making infringement claims. The argument is that it suggests that Fail Blog hates Jerry Brown, just like Meg does. If it was against Whitman, executed by Jerry Brown, my guess is they’d be flattered. It’s a great, great parody. It doesn’t get hipper than this. Meg wins, she thought of it first, but watch them try to make her into a loser over it.

Is it just me, or are you noticing that it’s only Republicans that get slammed for this kind of stuff? John McCain, Joe Walsh vs. Joe Walsh, Chuck Devore, and now this? Can you site even one example on the other side?

By the way, their LOL cat site is genius.

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  1. Profile Photo Editor

    I gotta say, Joe: hugely effective spot. I hope Ricochet contributor Mike Murphy, who’s a senior advisor to the Whitman campaign, will chime in here if it’s something he feels like he can do. But I really do love the craft and the humor and the bite of this ad. I have a great optimism about Meg’s campaign — it’s run by serious, plugged-in professionals and helmed by a candidate who’s serious about not just winning, but winning big. Unlike, I have to say, the dreadful, mopey, amateur-hour campaign run by Steve Poizner. Meg seems to know that the real work starts the day she takes office, so she’s going for a Reagan-sized mandate.

    I admire this in a candidate — going big, going for a super-sized win. Part of my dissatisfaction with the past few years of Republican political strategy was how small-time it was, how incremental. Going for a 50.0001% win is still a “win,” technically, but you don’t end up with the momentum necessary to do some tough things.

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  2. Profile Photo Member

    This is ridiculous. 90% of the people seeing this ad (myself included) have no idea what the FAIL blog is. Could they possibly have a copyright on placing the word FAIL across someone’s photo? Talk about self-important…

    That stupid issue notwithstanding, the ad is brilliant. Production values are high, it’s funny, spot on, tough as nails, and absolutely defines Jerry Brown. It’s devastating. I encourage everyone out of state to check it out.

    Meg totally lives up to expectations for the former CEO of eBay.

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  3. Profile Photo Contributor

    This also shows that there are hip creative types in her campaign. The Fail Blog thing is so subtle, and you’re right Trace, very few people know what it is and most of them don’t vote outside of Quisp Vs. Quake type contests. The subtlety shows they are cool. I’m engaged.

    A lot of this is just an opportunity for Fail Blog to inject themselves into the mainstream, and fine. Good for them. I would tell them to save their outrage, but that’s all they have at this point. And funny cats, that I still love. In my mind, this was all Mike Murphy’s idea!!!!

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  4. Profile Photo Member

    This is a great ad and they need to fight the complaint. There is nothing in that ad that could be considered a Fail Blog copyright violation. I love Fail Blog, and read it all the time, but this is just silly…

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  5. Profile Photo Thatcher

    I just followed the link to the FailBlog and either I don’t get it or…well, I don’t get it.

    The cat one, on the other hand, had me laughing so hard my eyes were tearing.

    The campaign spot is smart. Wish I could vote for her.

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  6. Profile Photo Editor

    The consequences of making a fuss: a publicity is good publicity!

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  7. Profile Photo Contributor

    I think they’ve removed the link to the video of the ad because they realized they were promoting a very effective ad for Meg Whitman. If it was an Al-Qaeda diatribe, they would have left it there at least until the end of the applicable Al-Qaeda campaign.

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