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    “Take a good long look.” He doesn’t have to ask me twice. Oh, the days when a small bruise meant an invitation to look at fine young legs.

    Good for her. As the saying goes: “When seconds count, police are just minutes away.” Real security requires civilian participation, regardless of law.

    When I worked at Home Depot, a former NFL player worked there with me. He was huge, to say the least. One day, he happened to be walking in the entrance as a thief was running out. He grabbed the thief, picked him up off the floor and walked him back into the store. Policy stated that we would be fired for chasing a thief, but I don’t think it anticipated that particular scenario.

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    I bet that guy submits a hasty guilty plea to avoid having that story recounted in open court. :D

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    Reminded me of:

    “Chinese purse snatcher fail”

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    AND she was wearing a strapless sundress. How about that??!! What a girl.

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    etoiledunord, that video was simply awesome!

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    And they say cheerleaders aren’t athletes…

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