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I’m a political ad junkie. And right now, it’s the perfect season: early on-air skirmishes between the Republicans and the Democrats are starting to hit, as each side tests a lot of different strategies before picking a couple for the full-on autumn campaign.

The first, from the Republican Governor’s Association — helmed by Ricochet’s own Governor Haley Barbour — is a pretty effective spot. It’s here — and it really shouldn’t be. It should be on YouTube. I’m not sure why the RGA chose Vimeo for its distribution platform, but it’s a big mistake. The key to these ads is to have them go viral, to be embedded as far and wide as possible. YouTube is a much easier platform for that.

The second, from the Democrats’ Rapid Response team, is here:

It’s not a terribly impressive effort, but it’s probably the best possible strategic choice for the Democrats in 2010: paint the Republicans as out of the mainstream. Use the language that the Clinton team used against Dole in 1996: radical, risky, extreme, out of control.

It won’t work this time.

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  1. Profile Photo Member

    That RGA video has a pretty impressive production quality for a political ad, but I expect more than a few viewers will tire of the rapid picture swapping going on for so long. It feels a lot longer than just three minutes for that reason. I like that it ends in optimism.

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  2. Profile Photo Coolidge

    Repeal the 17th Amendment? Independent voters aren’t going to buy that. By all means, let the D’s engage in hyperbole. The apparent strategy is say that a Republican congress will go “back to Bush.” Who would argue that’s not a few steps up at this point?

    Voters are nervous that anyone they send will get sucked into the Beltway mentality, hence the Tea Party movement. I like that the RGA ad focuses on the future. Despite intentions, good people have made a mess of the federal government. If John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are still leading the R’s in January, then the party will have failed to understand what this election is about. I have nothing against either of them, we just need new blood. We need a sense of outrage in leadership, not a sense of process.

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  3. Profile Photo Contributor

    The exhortation to “GET THE FACTS” seems like one the DNC should itself heed (but inevitably won’t).

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  4. Profile Photo Inactive

    Once again, it’s the Republican Governors – not the RNC or the Congressional campaign committees – pulling the weight on this one. Let us all pause for a moment and give thanks for Haley Barbour.

    Also, differences in how the parties make their ad buys probably accounts for the lame Democrat counter ad. Dems usually take their ad dollars and distribute pieces of the ad buy to their usual suspects in the campaign world. Republicans typically tell ad folks on their side to develop good ads and come sell the party on them. The best ads make it through and, unlike the Dems, Republicans don’t have nearly the worry that they may wind up paying for a lot of “Republicans want to spend your Social Security check in Vegas and starve your grandmother” garbage.

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  5. Profile Photo Inactive

    “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it…”


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  6. Profile Photo Member

    Got a beef: At the 0:22 of the good guys’ ad, during the scary image, scary music period, they show a one second glimpse of the Wash. Monument with a plane flying towards it. Nothing is by accident. That’s dirty. Sorry.

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  7. Profile Photo Member

    I had to smirk when I heard “For too long our country has been run by politicians in Washington D.C.” — why yes, since the Constitution was enacted, I believe!

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  8. Profile Photo Inactive
    Matthew Gilley: Once again, it’s the Republican Governors – not the RNC or the Congressional campaign committees – pulling the weight on this one. Let us all pause for a moment and give thanks for Haley Barbour. [snip] ยท Jul 28 at 2:47pm

    And not just Haley Barbour. What struck me was how many really inspiring people the GOP have, and not just historical icons, but live, office-holding politicians: Barbour, Christie, Jindal, Daniels, Ryan, Brown. . .the list goes on and on. They’re smart, clear-minded, results-oriented, articulate and popular. These people are heroes, and after November the list will only get longer.

    The Democrats have (had!) Obama to inspire them. . .and absolutely nobody else. Nobody! A thin gray line of not very animated corpses, and nobody else.

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  9. Profile Photo Inactive

    For some reason, Minnesota’s Democrat candidates are running against people that aren’t running against them, or running for any office. Republican’s have their Governor candidate, Tom Emmer, and three Democrat Governor candidates are headed for a primary soon. But who are the Democrats running against? Each other? No. Emmer? Somewhat. They’re running against someone who’s not running for Governor again–Tim Pawlenty. They’re even running against Sarah Palin and George Bush. Against Emmer mostly by association. Weird.

    “New Direction”

    Is Tim Pawlenty Running for a 3rd Term? DFL gubernatorial candidate TV ads target outgoing governor eight times more than attacks on GOP endorsee Tom Emmer

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