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    Sure, they portray white men as idiots. They’re the only ones left off the protected species list.

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    -Yes, Detroit is a hell hole, but we build great cars- (paraphrased)

    Here in Detroit we sell t-shirts that shows a smoking gun with the caption “Come back to Detroit. We missed you the first time.”

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    Lileks is right about the Chrysler ad.

    This has been discussed on Emily’s thread but something new I just noticed on the marquis of the Fox theater “Keep Detroit Beautiful” ? Whaaa…?

    Stalinist images, falsehoods asserted with a real edge and of course the ultimate in street cred, Eminem. When you want to put the cherry on top, hire a gospel group – they are cheap, ethnic, religious – but Bill Maher won’t dare make fun of them – and they come with their own outfits.

    Beautiful piece of propaganda, 9 million of our tax dollars at work…

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    I guess I’m still confused about the Detroit ad. When did Detroit STOP being a hellhole? I was last there in 09, and it was still very much a hellhole. Has that changed recently and I just haven’t heard about it?

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    They missed all the best ads! Yes, Darth Vadar & Beetle were great. But Kid in the Candy Store, Reply All, Monkies Parking, and so many others were really, really funny.

    Detroit, Joan Rivers, anything Pepsi, and Roseanne were terrible.

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    My wife’s take on commercials is simple: anything with babies or monkeys. Not sure we saw babies yesterday but we did see a great CareerBuilder spot featuring chimpanzees.

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    I’m not surprised Mr. Lileks overlooked the “Apple Zombie Society“…

    which was a great commercial, if not the best.

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    I kinda liked the weird kenny g cameo

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    Great suggestions all; we only had a few minutes, alas. The “Apple Zombie Society” ad was amusing, given the product it touted. Stop being one of those members of the unthinking masses who use a certain device, and use this overpriced imitator that requires one month of 3G contract to activate the WiFi option!

    Apple hatred is as amusing as PC hatred or Android hatred.

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    James Lileks:

    Apple hatred is as amusing as PC hatred or Android hatred. · Feb 7 at 3:55pm

    Irony thy name is Lileks. Said the spider to the fly.

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    Looks like that stung a little, James.

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    I wish someone would do a Detroit commercial with Robocop in it.

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    Perhaps its evidence of my poor film background, but does anyone else think that the Motorola ad is (1) kind of the vibe of the film Améile put into service to bash Apple? I find the ad too predictable to be considered that good; of course, it would help if their tablet were better than (at least their first) Droid phones…

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