Clapper Must Go


I was on a plane, so I missed the news that our Director of National Intelligence believes the Muslim Brotherhood to be a secular organization. 

He needs to be removed for saying that. That’s not an understandable human gaffe. It is an outrage. He’s not the Secretary of Agriculture, he’s the Director of National Intelligence. That is an outrage. 

Let me suggest to those still in doubt an experiment. Google the word Ikhwan. Look for the first results in Arabic. Run them through Google Translate. 

Here’s what I found within 30 seconds:

Fifty demands of the Muslim Brotherhood

First: in terms of political and judicial

Those are the demands of Session:

1 – the elimination of partisan and channeling the forces of the nation’s political and one-sided description of one.

2 – reform the law so in accordance with Islamic law, especially in the crimes and the border.

3 – reinforcement of the army, and a lot of youth teams, and inflames the enthusiasm on the basis of Islamic Jihad.

4 – Strengthening the links between all Islamic countries, especially Arab ones in preparation for Tvkiralamly in succession would lost.

5 – broadcast the Islamic spirit in the government bureaucracy, so that all citizens feel that they are required to the teachings of Islam.

6 – control of personal conduct of staff and lack of separation between a personal and practical.

Provision of working hours in government offices until the summer and winter sets on the statutes, and spend a lot on the iPod.

8 – Elimination of bribery and nepotism, and rely on the competence and legal grounds only.

9 – weighed all the work of the government and the balance of the provisions of Islamic teachings, so the prison systems and hospitals to Attahdm the teachings of Islam, and the patrols in the business division of Aitdharb with times of prayer but of necessity, and the official functions of the appearance of Islamic and so on.

10 – to assign some of the military and administrative jobs to graduates of Al-Azhar.

Second: In terms of social and practical:

19 – to accustom people to respect public morals, and to develop guidance enhanced protection of the law in that regard, increased penalties for crimes literary.

12 – treat the cause of women treatment that combines the sophistication and maintained in accordance with the teachings of Islam so as not to leave this issue, which is the most important issue of the meeting at the mercy of malicious pens, and the views of the abnormal and malevolent Amoarzat.

13 – the elimination of prostitution both types, overt and covert, and to consider adultery a crime regardless of the circumstances, refuse to limit the perpetrator.

14 – Gambling on the Elimination of all kinds of games ‘The Lottery’ and competitions

And others.

15 fight against alcohol and drug interdiction and rid the nation of its evils.

16 resistance Finery, pornography, women’s guide to what should be emphasized in this, particularly on teachers, students and medical students and in Gmhn.

17 – to reconsider the curricula of the education of girls and the need to differentiate between them and the curricula of boys in many stages of education.

18 – prevention of mixing between male and female students, and to consider the man and a woman alone with any crime Iwakman them.

19 – to encourage marriage and birth control by all means leading to it and to develop legislation to protect families and exhorts them and resolves the problem of marriage.

25 – Iglaqt lounges and discos child pornography, and deprive the dance Almkhasrp and so on.

21 – Monitoring the role of acting and movies and the emphasis in the selection of stories and tapes.

22 – Songs and refine the selection and control and the emphasis placed in it.

23 – a good selection of Maiva on the nation of lectures and the songs and themes, and the use of the radio station in Education, a national moral utopia.

24 – confiscation of erotic novels, books, skeptical and negative consequences, and newspapers, working on Radio of debauchery and exploit the exploitation of obscene desires.

25 – Resorts structured organization serving the chaos of pornographic go the basic purpose of Altsiev.

26 – scheduling the opening and closing coffee shops, public, and runs out of control and the astronauts and guide them to what will benefit them and not allowed to run all this time.

27 – use of these cafes in the education of illiterates to read and write, and helps that this spectacular vision of the young men of education compulsory and students.

28 – to resist harmful habits economically or morally or otherwise, and the transfer of current masses on them to the other customs useful, or refinement of the same subtle consistent with the interest and that Kaaadat weddings and funerals, and celebrations, and Zar, seasons, holidays, and the government is a good example of that.

29 – considered a lawsuit Holland, and accountable than it proves something contrary to the teachings of Islam or attack; Kaliaftar in Ramadan or praying or deliberately insulting the religion – and the likes of these affairs.

30 – the mandatory inclusion of schools in the villages to the mosques and coverage of the full meaning of the reform, in terms of staff, hygiene and care fully, so that trains young adults to pray and to science.

31 – Report of the religious education a core subject in all schools of different types of each calculation and at the university as well.

32 – to encourage memorization of the Koran in public offices and free, and make the save leaves a condition in the Nile, which relate to the scientific aspect of religious, linguistic, with the report of keeping some in every school.

33 – develop a consistent policy for education to play and raise the level, and unite the types of the United intents and purposes, and closer intercultural Alchtlvp in the nation, and make the first phase of the stages for breeding Spirit National character and ethics

 34 – Care in Arabic in all stages of education and its personnel in the first phase of other foreign languages.

35 – Care in Islamic history and national history and the history of civilization of Islam.

36 – thinking about the best ways to unite the fashion in the nation gradually.

37 – Spirit on the Elimination of foreign houses in terms of language, customs and costumes, and nannies and lactating women, Egyptianization all, especially in the upper-class homes.

38 – Press Forward guidance is valid and encourage authors and writers on ways to Eastern Islamic topics.

39 – Health care for the affairs of public health propaganda in various ways, and a lot of doctors, hospitals and mobile clinics and to facilitate treatment.

40 – Care of the village in terms of its rules and its rules, and purification of water and means of culture and refinement and comfort them.

Third: in the district Alaqsadip

41 – organization of Zakat and income of banks, according to the teachings of the Divine Law, and used in the projects Kerbp which are needed, Kmlajye the infirm and the poor, orphans and the reinforcement of the army.

42 – prohibition of usury and the regulation of banks organized leads to this end, the government set an example in the ‘assignment of benefits in their own projects, bank credit and advances, industrial and other.

43 – promotion of economic projects, and a lot of them. And operation of the national unemployed, and to draw in the hands of foreigners, including the purely national terms. 44 – protection of the public of the ruthlessness of companies and forcing its borders and get every possible benefit to the public.

45 – Amelioration of the junior staff to raise their salaries and meeting allowances and bonuses, and reducing the salaries of senior employees.

46 – Inventory functions, especially many of them and only the necessary, and distribute work to staff equitably, and in that audit.

47 – promoting industrial and agricultural extension, and attention to upgrading the farmer and the manufacturer in terms of productivity.

48 – care of the affairs of the technical, social workers and raise their level in various aspects vital.

49 – exploitation of natural resources such as land mines, fallow and neglected, and others.

50 – Projects to provide the necessary accessories in the construction and implementation

Jihad is a corner pillars of the Muslim Brotherhood Forum .. A corner of the paper seeks to jihadist ideology patrons Lima in line with Islamic thought proper and compliant the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of our beloved prayer of Allah and peace be upon him and his companions approach them the best of prayer and peace. :::.. Terms of reference corner Jihad ..::: • News militants in various parts of the globe. • battles and wars and victories of the Islamic Muslim • • monuments and sites that highlight the Islamic Jihad soldiers of Islam • • Educational topics jihad, which makes generation descendant of the Prophet and his companions • • competitions that focus on the jihad and in regard to the topics mentioned above • • Any innovative idea or suggestion on what is stated above is displayed in new and innovative • 1   the question of Palestine. 2 – the issue of Iraq. 3 – the burning issues and raised on the scene. 4 – surgeon forgotten and concealed them. 5 – Education for the betterment of the jihadist ideology of jihadist leaders forum Lima, in line with Islamic thought proper and compliant the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of our beloved prayer of Allah and peace be upon him and his companions approach them the best of prayer and peace. 6 – Jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood (the concept of Jihad when you images of the Jihad movement the Muslim Brotherhood, pictures of the martyrs of the Muslim Brotherhood) 7 – awakening peoples (follow-up to stop the ongoing demonstrations and other popular events) in various Arab and Islamic countries. These are some of the proposed themes to work on, we want to develop ideas and proposals And means for their implementation are waiting for your ideas and suggestions and participation 

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  1. Profile Photo Inactive

    So let me get this straight …

    The same people who didn’t see this coming … now tell us that despite past experience, published evidence, and strategic likelihood … the Muslim Brotherhood is really benign.

    It’s just sort of like a bridge club now, is that it?

    On a related note, may I add an item to the “Let’s Cut the Budget” list?

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  2. Profile Photo Member

    I’m sorry, it’s been two years, where was there a basis for an expectation of competency?

    As a Washingtonian, on any given day the worst metropolitan area for commuting, I respectfully request that we start abolishing departments immediately. If we could send just a quarter million of these people back where they came from, we would see much improvement in the daily commute.

    Save the environment, save the gas, ease DC congestion today!

    • #2
  3. Profile Photo Member

    Democrats don’t seem to believe in a accountability. Since they are, for the most part, liars, knaves and magical thinkers, to hold their own accountable for foolish utterances or egregious incompetence would disqualify most of them from public careers

    In their world, competence – even coherence – matter little. What matters is whether one continues to be useful to the cause. From Barney Frank to Bill Clinton to Charlie Rangel to Eliot Spitzer, Democrats continue to belie F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous observation that there are no second acts in American lives.

    • #3
  4. Profile Photo Inactive

    This is nearly as dispiriting as that political general who said after the Fort Hood shootings: yeah, it’s sad and all those people got killed, but it would be even sadder if we lost our Diversity.

    Well, no, sir. No, it wouldn’t. Weighed in the balance.

    Still, without Clapper, I’ll have to get out of bed to turn out the lights. Such a hassle.

    • #4
  5. Profile Photo Inactive

    This is the second time this dolt has publically displayed his ignorance. God only knows how many times he has done so off camera. It’s like saying “The Nazi Party wasn’t really about totalitarianism, we can work with these people.” Idiots..!

    Gomer Pyle could take his place and do a better job.

    • #5
  6. Profile Photo Member

    The mot juste was provided by “Michael Bolton” in Office Space: “no-talent ***-clown.”

    • #6
  7. Profile Photo Inactive

    I feel like there is a wisp of smoke blowing up my… oh, sorry. Where on earth did this fossil Clapper come from and how on earth did he become DNI? Clapper, Napolitano, the whole gang of phonies. Have they no shame?

    I’d almost like to see us take to the streets Egypt-style to demand the ouster of these nincompoops.

    • #7
  8. Profile Photo Coolidge

    He should of course be familiar with their Arabic writings, but even in their most cleaned-up for-Western-eyes op-ed in the NYT they don’t claim to be secular:

    “As our nation heads toward liberty, however, we disagree with the claims that the only options in Egypt are a purely secular, liberal democracy or an authoritarian theocracy. Secular liberal democracy of the American and European variety, with its firm rejection of religion in public life, is not the exclusive model for a legitimate democracy.

    In Egypt, religion continues to be an important part of our culture and heritage. Moving forward, we envision the establishment of a democratic, civil state that draws on universal measures of freedom and justice, which are central Islamic values. We embrace democracy not as a foreign concept that must be reconciled with tradition, but as a set of principles and objectives that are inherently compatible with and reinforce Islamic tenets.”

    • #8
  9. Profile Photo Member

    It is the ultimate technocratic foible to put a gear head in a command position. Take Star Trek TOS for example. Let’s say Kirk is shifted to Admiral and they tap Scotty to command the ship. The Enterprise now rules in the areas of systems uptime, innovative engineering, and bar fighting. Of course, she also started at least a dozen wars.

    In today’s military, the doctrine and support staffs provide a buffer that assures that whoever wears the stars, the machine rolls on.

    In a top policy position like DNI, Obama’s appointees Blair and Clapper both have struggled with that “vision” thing, and apparently with Obama’s views in the area. Blair was fired when Obama became unhappy with a treaty negotiated by Blair with the French at the last minute.

    DNI is a relatively young position, and some creativity and vision is a requirement still to perform successfully.

    • #9
  10. Profile Photo Inactive

    Clapper’s office has issued a clarification, stating that what he meant to say was that they are “largely secular in orientation“. Soooo, it’s all good.

    For the record, Clapper was a Lt. General from the Air Force and his appointment was strongly objected to. By both some Democrats and Republicans. Powerline had a post about that.

    A Lt. General is three stars; that’s a Division level command, the equivalent of being the head of the 82nd Airborne Division. This is one level below somebody that is given command of an entire theater during a war, such as Franks, or Powell. That’s how high this guy rose through the ranks, before retiring, then becoming DNI. He’s a complete technocrat and political butt-kisser and he rose to three stars.

    Air Force. From 30,000 feet, or perhaps from space, or more likely, missle silos, the Ikwhan may appear secular.

    • #10
  11. Profile Photo Inactive

    Maybe they should change their name to the Largely Secular Brotherhood so rubes like me don’t get confused.

    • #11
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