The Hinderaker-Ward Experience: One Month Later…


Winter’s coming, so that means the men of the Northern Alliance (Powerline’s John Hinderaker and Fraters Libertas Brian Ward) head indoors and in front of their microphones. This week, they analyze the remaining Republican field, wonder if hometowner Michelle Bachmann can go the distance, and make some bold predictions about who will be left standing. The, author, columnist, and commentator Ralph Peters stops by for a chat on his upcoming book. We finish up with a Michael Moore “loon” and a classic TWIG. 

Listen here:

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  1. Inactive

    In the loon section at the end, there was a discussion of the latest instances of leftists predicting (Michael Moore) and advocating (the SEIU guy in Minnesota) riots and violence.

    Messrs. Hinderacker and Ward at least genuflected in the direction of taking this seriously. My question is why are, by and large, thought leaders (pundits and politicians) on the Right not really taking this seriously?

    The general tone seems to be “Ha, ha, those wacky union guys, never know whose nose they’re going to break next.”

    Does anybody remember Kenneth Gladney? Union thugs busting up GOP campaign headquarters in Wisconsin and Florida. Union thugs vandalizing GOP equipment on election day in Milwaukee?

    When unionists openly threaten and encourage violence (“take the sons of bitches out”) wouldn’t it be a good idea to take it seriously?

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    • September 24, 2011 at 8:18 am
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