Lunch with Victor Davis Hanson


obama.jpgJust had lunch with Victor. One bon mot among many:

When you think about it, Obama has kept the detention camp at Guantanamo.  He’s going ahead with military tribunals.  And where Bush only waterboarded three terrorists, Obama has used drones to execute about 2,600. 

Obama’s sort of growing on me.

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    Obama isn’t growing on me, I still want to see him trounced in 2012.

    But VDH is right. For all the reasons he listed–and some others, including Libya and Afghanistan–it is a mistake to see the Obama foreign policy in the same league as the Carter foreign policy. Of recent examples available to us, it has more in common with Clinton. And occasionally, oddly, its even reminiscent of Nixon.

    On domestic policy, however, I think we can keep using the Carter metaphor.

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    Obama’s behavior in office on these and a few other items are, to me, the proof that the President is largely a captive of circumstances. Any fool can talk about what he’d do if HE was President. But when you are ACTUALLY President the range of acceptable options becomes very narrow very fast.The real impact of a President is, occasionally, in times of national trauma (W. on 9/11), more often in appointments, and in the tone set for domestic directions (contrast Reagan and Carter.) Obama, who campaigned as a healer has served as a divider.
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    A fungus could grow on you too if you neglected hygiene.

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    No, no please, not even as a cynical jest. I respect Mr. Hanson’s wit, but this just presents too many opportunities to take it out of context.

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    Mr. Robinson, you have the most interesting lunch partners. You are always dropping names on the podcast of some eminent economist or academic that you just had lunch with. Maybe you should do a Ricochet contest for a lunch with Peter Robinson and share your lunchtime banter with your loyal fans.

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    Are you sure you weren’t still hopped up on the cold medicine and misunderstood him? I’m hoping you’ll get better soon and your senses will be returned.

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    Peter Robinson

    Obama’s sort of growing on me.

    See Peter’s post above about antibiotics. I good one will clear the growth on Dr. Hanson in no time.

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    Our president has a default position to get along in foreign policy. He could not care less.

    As they say in Spanish class, “Repeatum” Obama could not care less on foreign policy.

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    The difference between the Bush presidency and the Clinton presidency is far greater than the difference between the former’s and Obama’s. That maybe because of the actions of the Republican house under Newt, but it is none the less true. Bush was a big government moderate and Obama a big government liberal which produces differences in degree not direction. Clinton was a pragmatist concerned with his image and libido.

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    You had me at lunch with Victor. You are a blessed man!

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    Peter Robinson Obama has used drones to execute about 2,600.

    No doubt this explains the Nobel Peace Prize. Oh, wait — it’s the fact that he is not Bush.

    I detect a hint of sarcasm is the Professor’s bon mot.

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    Perhaps this is proof that, once again, the wrong person was forced by circumstances to do the right things? Just like the late Milton Friedman said. I miss his wisdom so much.

    It’s a welcome, humorous, ironic anecdote! Obama is in a long line of Democrats who escalated the use of the violence they putatively found so abhorrent. Vide: the administrations of Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson.

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    With a hat tip to Dennis Miller, Obama is a killing maCHINE: a Noble Peace Prize winning killing machine, that is.

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  14. Profile Photo Thatcher

    Victor, over the weekend a gentleman came to my Synagogue to raise money for an organization called Amitz ( This organization’s mission is to improve security around schools in the south of Israel, mostly the Negev. The security involves camera systems and K9 dogs. The amount of money he was asking for was tiny. Especially at my Synagogue on “The Island”, they don’t really take requests that small that seriously. They assume you would ask for more money. Usually, with this small request someone behind the scenes would come to the Rabbi and take care of them.(cont.)

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    (cont. from #14)

    Then I heard something astounding. Major Main Stream Jewish orginazations wouldn’t help the security needs of schools in the Negev. In other words, they wouldn’t spend a very minor amount of money per school to protect a few hundred young Jewish children at each school from terrorist attacks. With the Egyptian situation, caused primarily by the Obama administration’s childlike belief in “Reaching Out to the Muslim Community”, terror attacks on grade schools in the Negev are increasing.

    The reason for the lack of financial support is quite simple. Left leaning Jewish organizations are knuckling under to the Obama pressure. Like PC robots they call this organization’s efforts controversial. They are obediently risking the lives of Jewish children in the Negev so that a hideous political parasite in Washington, D.C. can be re-elected and suck our blood like the Vampire he is for another 4 years.

    Needless to say Obama is not growing on me. Well maybe like a bad fungus. Hmmmmm…got to find just the right cream to rub on to kill this fungus. Maybe I’ll take a bath in Clorox. Anything to rid myself of this hideous thing.

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    Nobody better than VDH! For those interested, I’m interviewing the good professor this week and that podcast episode will be up the week of the 23rd!

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    What a name dropper! Lunch with VDH……although I would love that opportunity I’m afraid it would boil down to getting a book signed and then embarrassingly ignorant questions on my part. haha

    Peter, one of the many things I appreciate about your Uncommon Knowledge interviews….you ask the questions I like to think I’d ask more succinctly and tactfully than I could ever hope to. Kudos!

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