What Ilhan Tanır Saw in Syria, Part II


I apologize that parts of this are out of order. I’m having trouble uploading some of it. I don’t know why. I figure it’s better to put this up out of sequence, today, than to obsess about the editing and put it up next week.

5. IH: “In the hospital, someone came and [shot] every single protester” CB: “Someone came and shot the wounded?”

6. “The security forces can get hold of the bodies, as well, and if they got the bodies you don’t get them back, you have to pay then 100, 150, 200 thousand Syrian pounds … this is a trade, they sell anything and everything, it’s everywhere, every city they say the same kind of stories … the snipers kill, after that they again try to get the body … people try to donate money because they’re pretty poor, most of them … they try to make money out of bodies that they kill … the people who they kill, they go around and find the male relatives of the killed person, and then they arrest them, because they want to make sure to silence these male relatives. … The day I was arrested the security forces grabbed Harasta back, all of these people I contact[ed] through Skype, Facebook, I don’t see them on line, so I greatly worry, since we know that these suburbs [are] now under regime control.”

7. “I was there last week and I know that this week the conditions are much worse … Saturday afternoon there was a funeral in Duma that the army attacked, six people were died, I have pictures, tens of people were wounded. Tension in Duma suddenly [rose], and the FSA got in control of the city and the army was outside of the city, and basically I couldn’t get out of the city, it was still sieged by the army, so I couldn’t leave … Finally the door was banging, and my roommate came and said, ‘They want you.’ … So they arrested us, they didn’t hit me at that moment, but they were beating that guy really harshly … They didn’t know how to treat me at that moment, they weren’t sure exactly who I was … They were rude to me, but it was nothing compared to what they were doing right there at that minute to that guy … really terrible noise in the background, they were begging, I cannot imagine what’s going to happen to them … “

8. “I had no idea what they were going to do to me … they wouldn’t let me call my embassy, no way. … I thought, ‘Okay, this is not going well.’ … They took me downstairs, which is a terrible, terrible place … smells, I cannot describe how disgusting it was … people are coming in chained, like ten, five, ten people … they were really angry at me, I can see … they only hit me in the chaos, and it wasn’t too bad, compared to other people … I have no idea who did it, they did it from my back … it could have been much worse, it was chaos.”

We did get to most of Ricochet’s questions, by the way, stay tuned.

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    From CNN:


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    I will have to listen to the videos I can’t right now, but just reading the recaps I am shocked…it is even worse than I thought. They shot wounded protesters in hospitals and are ransoming the bodies of the dead back…I can’t say I have heard of that being done before…I must say Mr. Tanir is incredibly brave for having gone into Syria, and incredibly lucky to have gotten out.

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    This happens every 20 or 30 years. A new generation forgets what the FACE OF EVIL looks like. Thank you Claire and we must thank and pray for this brave man. You both have reminded all of us what the FACE OF EVIL looks like.



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    Out of curiosity, I looked up the exchange rate for Syrian pounds. 100,000 pounds = $1733.67.

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    Assad’s’ wife is, from what I’ve seen and read, very intelligent, well educated and……….. out of the picture? What is going on with her, is she as ruthless as her husband and the rest of the ruling clan? Cluelessness is not an excuse at this point.

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