I’m not sure whether it’s news in the Heartland, but the New York Post is reporting that Nicole Polizzi, better known by her Jersey Shore name, “Snooki,” is pregnant. The Post claims that she has a deal to announce the joyful news on the cover of Us magazine, and “to bankroll her mommy-to-be status into becoming ‘the next Kourtney Kardashian.'” It’s nice to have aspirations.

My guess is that she will succeed, and that it may make her wealthier than before. Wonder if Miss Snooki has read Charles Murray’s terrific new book, where he argues that those who do not come from the most elite parts of society pay a steep price for illegitimacy and non-marriage. Doesn’t seem to apply in this case.  

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  1. Profile Photo Inactive

    If only her health insurance covered free contraception….

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  2. Profile Photo Member

    I’m looking for CBS to design a March Madness ladder of possible paternity candidates.

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  3. Profile Photo Reagan

    Is Snooki derived from the verb Snooker? If so, is that not too close a give away to her fan base as to what her example is ultimately to them?

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  4. Profile Photo Contributor

    Etoiledunord: Believe me, the good folks at HHS are working on it — even our mother-to-be decided to depart the Jersey boardwalk for a convent.

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  5. Profile Photo Thatcher

    What has Snooki ever said or done that gives you the impression she can read, Bill?

    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,

    Slouches towards Atlantic City to be born?

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    Keith Preston: I’m looking for CBS to design a March Madness ladder of possible paternity candidates. · 26 minutes ago

    You mean she’s not a virgin?!?!?!

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    From AoSHQ

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    Percival, I would say she’s the proud product of the New Jersey public school system. But the shocking truth about Snooks is that she’s really a New Y orker.

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    The poor infant will contract no less than four chronic STD’s on his way out of such a well traveled highway.

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  10. Profile Photo Contributor

    Another view from Forbes, about the effect on Miss Polizzi’s career.

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