The Stadium That Must Not Be Named


When it comes to football stadiums, Democrats have a tendency to fumble their words. Most famously, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry exposed himself to ridicule in 2004 when he referred to Lambeau Field, where the Green Bay Packers play, as “Lambert Field.”

Democrats have dropped the ball once again this year. While every football fan knows that the Carolina Panthers play at Bank of America Stadium, Politico reports that prominent Democrats have unofficially changed the name of the stadium in advance of President Obama’s convention speech on the field later this summer.

National Democrats have repeatedly touted their stand against taking corporate money for their convention in September, and so it was striking to see two emails from the DNC host committee referring to the Charlotte venue where President Obama will speak as [sic] “Panthers Stadium.”

A recent email from the host committee signed by former Al Gore campaign manager Donna Brazile urged people to win a trip to Charlotte for the event, which will wrap “Thursday night at Panthers Stadium with President Obama.”

Bank of America, of course, paid for the naming rights to the stadium. I have seen no comment from the bank yet, but perhaps executives should be just as happy to go unmentioned on Obama’s big night.

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  1. Profile Photo Inactive

    Don’t forget Chicago’s own “Kaminsky Field.”

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  2. Profile Photo Member

    They’re just “airbrushing” away the enemies of the state. Just like the Soviets used to do.

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  3. Profile Photo Contributor
    DutchTex: Don’t forget Chicago’s own “Kaminsky Field.” · 15 minutes ago

    He was lucky that Costas bailed out him with the right name.

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  4. Profile Photo Contributor

    Another favorite moment from 2004 was when John Kerry talked about how much he loved Buckeye football in Michigan.

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  5. Profile Photo Inactive


    Panther Stadium ? Double entendre that .

    Well, at least Eric Holder will get a big welcome !

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  6. Profile Photo Inactive

    I wonder who got the coveted concession for styrofoam Greek columns?

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  7. Profile Photo Inactive

    If it rains, and they have to relocate the event, they’ll call it Bank of America Stadium and blame it on the lack of a large enough TARP.

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  8. Profile Photo Member

    Progressive Field here in the People’s Republic of Cleveland would have been most appropriate.

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  9. Profile Photo Inactive

    Will our non-partisan press follow the DNC’s lead?  They are still free to call it Bank of American Stadium.

    There might also be an opening for some pranskters here.

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  10. Profile Photo Coolidge

    Flownover’s double entendre is masterful. San Diego’s Petco Park concessions would’ve been poor optics for the campaign.

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  11. Profile Photo Contributor
    KC Mulville: I wonder who got the coveted concession for styrofoam Greek columns? · 25 minutes ago

    The more reminders of Greece at this convention, the better.

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  12. Profile Photo Inactive

    How  about the Sinsemilla Bowl in Ukiah ?

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