Strategika Podcast: Edward Luttwak on the Lessons of Chinese History


Luttwak-EdwardIn a new installment of the Strategika podcast for the Hoover Institution, I talk with Edward Luttwak, Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, about how China’s history should influence how we think about the country today.

Will China’s rise inevitably be as an antagonistic power? What can the United States do to counter an emboldened Beijing? Has China tipped its hand too early about its regional ambitions? Professor Luttwak answers all those questions and more in this wide-ranging conversation.

To download this podcast directly, click here.


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  1. user_1938 Member

    This is a great podcast series. I’m glad y’all brought it over to Ricochet.

    Is a general unwillingness to accept weaker states as allies truly particular to China? In my vague recollection of the histories of Western empires, they didn’t rely much on alliances either.

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  2. eyrkos Inactive

    Hey Troy, nice editing!  Was the barking dog a drop, an example of Chinese interference, or an actual barking dog?  (-:

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  3. Carey J. Inactive
    Carey J.

    The way to deal with a bully is to punch him as hard as you can in the nose.

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