Still Believe in Global Warming?


Never trust a Warmist.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has been caught cooking the books on the US temperature data: they’ve exaggerated the extent of late 20th century global warming by around 100 per cent.

Given the cozy relationship of climate “scientists” around the world, we shouldn’t be surprised if their fellow travelers in other parts of the globe have been guilty of similar exaggerations.

What’s particularly delicious about this expose – by the great Anthony Watts of Watts Up With That? – is that it comes on the very same day that a Warmist by the name of Professor Richard Muller has been crowing in the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle that he has discovered the definitive proof that Man Made Global Warming is real.

Just in case any of your greenie-liberal friends try to brandish Prof Muller’s “research” as evidence to support their cause, here’s something you should read.

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  1. Profile Photo Thatcher

    No-one better understands the North American network of surface stations than Anthony Watts. He has been able to demonstrate conclusively that the adjustments applied to the network are precisely back-to-front, with the best sited “corrected” to match the worst – those sited by airconditioner outlets, next to runways at airports and so on. And his advance announcement of his results is a well-deserved thumb in the eye for Richard Muller.

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  2. Profile Photo Inactive

    Does Romney know this? I hope he brings up the leaked climategate emails and the cooked statistics if global warming comes up during the presidential debate.

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  3. Profile Photo Inactive


    A scientist doing actual science.

    How refreshingly quaint.

    Calls (from the Committee on Civil Discourse™ ) for his immediate execution and dismemberment in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

    Odds that someone hopes that his children die in a fire:  25 to 1

    Schadenfreude Level: Epic

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  4. Profile Photo Thatcher

    Denialist shenanigans such as this would never be tolerated if Al Gore was still alive.

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  5. Profile Photo Inactive

    Well, tis man-made when we surround weather stations with concrete and tarmac.

    That’s why satellite data is much better and, strangely enough, the Earth has been cooling since we put ’em up – I blame Al Gore.

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  6. Profile Photo Inactive

    Outstanding.  Thank you, sir, for continuing expose this vacuous myth for what it is. 

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  7. Profile Photo Member

    From Watts’ Powerpoint slides as linked by Mr. Delingpole:

    This is the data for all 779 rated stations as adjusted by NOAA. Instead of adjusting the poorly sited station trends downward to the levels of the well located stations, the well sited station trends are adjusted upward to match the poor station trends. The “official” trend data is higher even than that of the raw data for non-compliant stations.


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  8. Profile Photo Inactive

    When are these climate “scientists” going to be exposed, humiliated and fired?  When is the government going to stop funding this crap?

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  9. Profile Photo Inactive

    James –  I like the title of the post – Global warming is a matter of “belief”, not science.  That you are 7000 times more likely to be published if you write a paper that favors global warming than oppose it is all the evidence I need.

    I wonder what will be said of our times 500 years from now?

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  10. Profile Photo Inactive
    Barkha Herman: I wonder what will be said of our times 500 years from now? 

    It won’t be 500 years. Every generation has its own expression of pseudo-science: in the 1890s and 1900s it was phrenology; in the 1920s and 1930s it was eugenics; in the 1940s and 1950s it was socialism in the guise of Keynesian economics; in the 1960s and 1970s it was socialism/sociology in its various forms–from Pol Pot on the one hand to urban renewal on the other. 

    From the 1980s onward it has been socialism in the guise of extremist environmentalism.

    There are still real scientists doing real science. Somewhere. You never hear of them….

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  11. Profile Photo Member

    And check out what  the “AGW skeptic” Muller was saying back in 2008.

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  12. Profile Photo Inactive

    I can’t wait for December, when I will have the pleasure of attending a keynote speech by Steven Chu at the annual American Society for Cell Biology meeting. How awkward is it going to be when I sit on my hands for what I can only imagine will be a political/AGW diatribe? I mean, he’s a physicist, I doubt they’re bringing him to a cell biology meeting to chat string theory. Maybe I’ll wear a Watt’s Up With That tshirt for the talk…except I’d never have the guts for that.

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  13. Profile Photo Member

    So the heat wave is just a mild warm front?

    I’ll cancel my order at the local landscaper for palm trees.

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  14. Profile Photo Member

    In the NYT article Richard Muller was at least reasonably polite towards  skeptics and (apparently) tolerant of skepticism in general.  It’s a low bar to hurdle but he’s one of the very few climate change believers who manages to leap over it.

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  15. Profile Photo Inactive

    Thank you for being there for us, Lord Delingpole!!!!

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  16. Profile Photo Member
    Donald Todd: Tab: I’ll cancel my order at the local landscaper for palm trees.

    Don’t do that!  I was planning on dragging my folding chair over and sipping Mai Tais with you.  Nothing like Mai Tais under palm trees.

    dt · 1 hour ago

    You can still come over.  I’m not a Mai Tai guy, but they’ve still got to be good under a good hardy maple.

    Nothing quite says “relaxation” like a Diet Mountain Dew under a maple tree.

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  17. Profile Photo Inactive

    Well, as mentioned by Andy, over at AOSHQ, Lord Dellingpole cautions us against gloating. (Link in there to James’ Telegraph post on this subject)

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  18. Profile Photo Member
    Barkha Herman: 

    I wonder what will be said of our times 500 years from now? · 7 hours ago

    Here are three headlines from 500 years from now:

    “Record sales of snow blowers in Delhi.”

    “NASA’s James Hansen [they’ll figure out a way to extend his life] says Snowfall in Miami is an Aberration.”

    “Winter Olympics Awarded to Hong Kong.”

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  19. Profile Photo Inactive
    Barkha Herman: James –  

    Oh – I forgot to address you as Lord James.  A thousand apologies!

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  20. Profile Photo Inactive

    Do you know why Al Gore is so creepy? Because he is so life like! by the way I strongly recommend Jonah Goldberg’s new book “The Tyranny of Cliches'”

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  21. Profile Photo Inactive

    Tab: I’ll cancel my order at the local landscaper for palm trees.

    Don’t do that!  I was planning on dragging my folding chair over and sipping Mai Tais with you.  Nothing like Mai Tais under palm trees.


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