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As you may remember, four days ago, I posed a question: Is It Hillary’s Time? Had I shelved the piece for a day or two and posted it after Joe Biden indicated his inability to identify the century in which he was living and the state in which he was speaking and after his unsubtle race-baiting ploy, the piece would have had more purchase.

My conclusion, in any case, was that neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton was apt to be interested. It would, I noted, require the former to acknowledge, if only tacitly, a blunder, and it would require of the latter a willingness to sign on with the former. My view was that she is not well or at least that she is too worn out to go on.

There is now a report, as Rob has pointed out, that Valerie Jarrett met with Hillary two weeks ago to sound her out about the possibility of joining the ticket and that she demurred. It comes from Ed Klein, who was once upon a time editor of The New York Times Magazine, and who is the author of The Amateur. Among liberal journalists, Klein is not in good odor. Whether this is because he is unreliable or merely because he is critical of politicians that they revere I cannot say. But I could easily imagine Bill Clinton, who is the one who supposedly described The One as an amateur, leaking the news with an eye to taking revenge on the man who played the race card against him with such aplomb in 2008.

If the story is true, the President knows that he is in a pickle and really has contemplated tacitly admitting fault and dumping the Delaware Motormouth. That in turn raises once again a question I posed in my earlier post: Who else is there? If you follow the link above, you can study the list I came up with – which included luminaries such as Governor Moonbeam, John Edwards, Al Gore, John Kerry, Fauxcahontas, and the illustrious Howard Dean.

I fell short, I regret to have to say, in leaving off the list of possibilities figures such as Jon Corzine, former Senator and former Governor of New Jersey, who managed to loot the investment accounts of private individuals in an attempt to save MF Global and has been slick enough to avoid criminal charges; Eliot Spitzer, former Governor of New York, a man who knows a thing or two about tricks; and Anthony Weiner, an aptly named former Congressman from New York. Rod Blagojevich may be temporarily ineligible, but these men are available, and any one of them would jump at the offer. Not so long ago, let me add, they were all proven vote-getters. Obama needs a game-changer, and there is still time. Picking any one of these men would certainly alter things.

Sic transit Gloria.

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  1. Profile Photo Contributor
    Denver Gentleman: If he wants to court the women’s vote I think we are missing an obvious choice: George Clooney. · 3 hours ago

    Edited 3 hours ago

    Ah, the skirt vote.

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  2. Profile Photo Member

    Bev Perdue is available. No rap sheet yet (not sure if that is a qualifier or disqualifier among the Ds). Though the rumors abound — at least for members of her family.

    She has the additional benefit with being on board in case elections need suspending.

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  3. Profile Photo Inactive

    Rumor has it that the dark horse candidate is Fauxcahontas. But that may be a racist rumor.

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  4. Profile Photo Member
    Biden has worked well for Obama and I don’t believe the rumors about Hillary. When impeachment is brought up there are those of us who always stated we can’t because Biden would then be the president and our side has really ignored this travesty of of VP for 4 years, sort of laughing along with the Dems. Also the Dems are a party of ridiculous caricatures of politicans such as: Gore, Keary, Edwards, and even sleazy Clinton. Whenever somebody would put down Palin, for instance, I would just list these people (including Biden). I do not include Obama in this list as he is too dangerous. Obama simply doesn’t care what anyone says, uses Biden, and as I mentioned I am sure Biden knows too many secrets to let him go as wild card. Remember they are hardcore thugs. It’s hard for us normal people (also and especially the media) to realize this. Our side should emulate the ‘not caring” a bit more to get things accomplished. Not of actual mis-deeds but of personalities and media hype.
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  5. Profile Photo Member

    I will add that I don’t like this sudden respect of what President Clinton supposedly accomplished while in office from the right either. As conservatives we respect the office but I have utterly no respect for him or his record. In fact, where are all the exposes on them? I remember.

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