Strategika Podcast: Max Boot on America’s Future in Afghanistan


In a new installment of the Hoover Institution’s Strategika Podcast, I talked to the Council on Foreign Relations’ Max Boot about the prospects for Afghanistan once the vast majority of American troops leave later this year.

Is the country’s reputation as the “graveyard of empires” deserved? Was it inevitable that Hamid Karzai would succumb to corruption? How does Max judge the Obama Administration’s efforts in the country? And is there a chance that Afghanistan could reach an equilibrium tolerable to the United States after the departure of our troops? Those are some of the issues we discuss here.

For the direct download, click here.


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  1. user_30416 Member

    Excellent podcast, Troy. You ask really good questions. And I’m very glad you’re letting us in on the Hoover podcasts. Quite interesting.

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  2. user_75648 Thatcher

    Like LW said.

    It appears that Ricochet has yet another addition to its bouquet of excellent podcasts.

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