The Moment


It’s after midnight.

The day is upon us.

Today will be full of sound and fury, rumors and chaos. Remain steady,  and ignore early reports from exit polls. The other team will spread rumors of an Obama blowout in the late afternoon. It will be a lie meant to shut down GOP turnout later in the day.

Rebut it. Ignore it. Press on. Know that it’s a sign of their fear and desperation.

While you’re standing in line to vote, get out your phone. Call 10 friends. Text them. E-mail them.  Don’t stop pushing for the win. Keep calling. 

Barack Obama has failed this nation so profoundly that historians will catalog it for decades. 

Mitt Romney is a better man, and will be a better President.

Now, go vote.

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    Ugh. It’s going to be maddening. I go in knowing full well that we can’t trust the exit polls, whether good or bad, but I knowing I’m going to still obsess over them all day.

    However, I wonder if rumors of an Obama blowout would depress Dem turnout more than Republicans. I imagine Democrats as more likely to become complacent and stay home.

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    Up and at ’em!!!

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    EJ Hill had a good idea: 

    Even if you’re  not Catholic, you can go to your nearest Catholic Church, find the candles, light one, and kneel down for a few minutes in supplication.  

    That candle will keep burning in the sanctuary long after you’ve gone.

    I’m going to do it now.  I’m also going to buy some paint.  I want to put a sign on my busy-road front lawn: Love liberty?  Vote Romney Today!

    I live in Chester County, PA.  One of the swingingest counties in a swing state.

    I keep praying, “Lord, for the sake of the poor world, stretch out your mighty arm, and save America one more time.”

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    Well said, Rick.  You are spot-on.  Now is not the time to give in to despair.

    And I already voted early, back on October 22.  For those of you who haven’t yet voted, get out there and do so.

    In the alleged words of Joachim Murat, mount up and ride to the sound of the guns!

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    Rick Wilson: It’s after midnight.

    Barack Obama has failed this nation so profoundly that historians will catalog it for decades.

    I agree with this – IF history is accurately recorded.  In this instant and electronic age, with so little written correspondence and documentation to rely upon, the line between history and propaganda is perilously thin.  Howard Zinns is the accepted authority for many AP American History classes.

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    I have not felt so ready to do something since 1980. 

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    I’ll be in the ER of a major Australian hospital- watching the election results come in between patients.. and hoping for that Romney victory.

    This is the best advice I have heard for election day…. vote, even if you are in the westernmost polling station on mainland America, and the media tell you it doesn’t matter… vote.

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    I’m with you brother.   Im planting signs everywhere tomorrow that have been in the yard.  Every person I know has been called.   I do not think we will lose this.

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    I like that strategy, Rick.  I will mix prayer with your advice and follow it to the letter!

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