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Harvard President Gay is Weasel of the Year and the competition has never been steeper.  She edged out past winners FBI Director Wray and USAG Garland at the last minute with a truly appalling performance before Congress.  When asked to comment when contacted this afternoon in his retirement home in the UAE Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf (AKA “Baghdad Bob”) simply replied “LOL. Amazing!”

FIRE ranks Harvard as the university most openly hostile to free speech.  In response, its President explained that “free speech” is about learning to be sensitive to what listeners have been trained to accept and expect.  The “tools” to be mastered on one’s “Harvard journey” are actually honing the skill to use only the language of the mandatory ideological framework and then calling that “free speech.”  Indoctrination is called “exploration.”  There is no persecution or cancellation at Harvard, merely natural outcomes of a community expectation of “sensitivity.”  It does not matter if Jewish students are afraid to leave their dorm rooms because Harvard continues to strive to create a welcoming campus.  Just look at the brochure.

On their best day, neither Josef Goebbels nor Leo Trotsky could have delivered that much crapola with a straight face and the calm demeanor of Claudine Gay.  This lady could have delivered an upbeat Expedia ad for Auschwitz.

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    At some point people in Ms. Gay’s position are going to figure out that their policy should simply be to default to the First Amendment. There shouldn’t be a Code of Conduct which conflicts with the Constitution. It’s not their job to police the speech of their students. Any more than it’s their job to enforce laws against sexual assault, which should be reported to the police, not some college dean. Did someone express that some group should be genocided? That’s hate speech but the courts say it’s protected. Don’t look to the college administrators to do something about it. Wouldn’t it just be easier for the administrators to say they’ve talked to their counsel who advised that the speech in question is protected by the first amendment and they won’t get involved with it?

    I disagree. The first amendment is a restriction on government. Harvard et al have it within their right to expel students calling for genocide of Jews (“intifada” was the term used). And I have little doubt they would expel white supremacist students calling for the enslavement of blacks, or Anglo-American students calling for the internment of Chinese (the Japanese don’t seem to be a threat anymore).

    It’s not that these toxic institutions have double standards, although they obviously do. It’s that they hate Jews and want to destroy Western civilization as founded on Judeo-Christian values. And by the looks of things on campus and in all the major cities of the West, they’re very close to succeeding.

    My point was that if I was a university administrator who was increasingly getting put on the hot seat to account for their actions or lack thereof when dealing with these issues, it would just be easier to wash your hands of it by defaulting to the Constitutional standard. So yes it’s within their right to impose tighter restrictions, but why do that to yourself if it’s just going to get you fired at from all sides? Right now the administrators’ actions are dictated by their Code of Conduct, which they themselves are the interpreters of. Why not just adopt the legal standard instead which lets you blame your decisions on the Supreme Court?

    They’d already violated that by suppressing various conservatives that had been invited to speak on campus allegedly in the interests of the safety of the student body. Ann Coulter might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she’s hardly the threat that a mob chanting in favor of genocide is.

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