Terrorists Crossing our Southern—and Northern—Borders


We’ve been hearing for such a long time about the invasion of our southern border that most of us just shake our heads in disgust and roll our eyes. We’ve accepted that there’s really nothing we can do about Biden’s open borders; our national security is irrelevant to him, and we seem powerless to influence his lack of action.

But there’s lots to be concerned about, and you may not be up to date on the latest data. Our country is probably more at risk for increased crime and terrorism due to the power of the cartels, and potential terrorist attacks, than we have been in over 20 years.

What has changed?

The biggest surprise for me was to discover that apprehensions on our northern border exceed those of our southern border:

The total of 736 is the greatest number of KSTs [known or suspected terrorists] apprehended in recorded U.S. history. A significant majority – 66% – were apprehended at the northern border, 487. By comparison, 249 were apprehended at the southwest border.

These numbers don’t include gotaways, which are believed to also include KSTs. ‘Gotaways’ is the official U.S. Customs and Border Patrol term that refers to those who illegally enter the U.S. between ports of entry, don’t return to Mexico or Canada, and are not apprehended.

In a DHS memo obtained by the Free Beacon, the flood of illegals was described in this way:

. . . that law enforcement has apprehended more than 3,200 illegal immigrants who entered the United States from Canada outside of ports of entry in the 2023 fiscal year, which began in October—more than any other previous year on record. Customs and Border Protection recorded 2,238 migrant encounters on the U.S.-Canadian border in all of fiscal year 2022 and 916 the previous year. Every month of 2023 fiscal year has been record-breaking for northern illegal border entries and there is no sign of the pace slowing any time soon. [emphasis mine]

Why has there been such an increase in illegal immigrants on the northern border? In many cases, illegals have decided to avoid the delays and requirements of the southern border, and they have found a way to raise $350 for a plane ticket from Mexico to Canada. Then, they walk from Canada to the US, although they are unprepared for the cold weather and snow. People are subject to frostbite and are disoriented by the extreme temperatures during the winter. Of course, law enforcement steps in to rescue them.

What are the implications of the KSTs that are invading our country? Although the numbers are small compared to the total of illegal migrants, how many terrorists would it take to execute multiple terrorist acts? How many KSTs are included in the gotaways that have entered the country?

Another factor that could contribute to terrorism is reflected in Senator Chuck Grassley’s great concerns about drones that are being used by the cartels:

Grassley sent letters to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) citing reports that Mexican cartels have increased their use of the drones at both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.

‘These drones are used by the cartels to carry out targeted assassinations and violent attacks by dropping explosives in Mexico, monitor and gain reconnaissance on the movements of U.S. Border Patrol agents and other U.S. law enforcement officers, and track the progress of their smugglers illegally crossing into the U.S.,’ he said.

These drones would be ideal weapons for terrorist activity:

Grassley also cited media reports of a raid in Mexico last month that revealed a workshop for drone-carried explosives. The Associated Press reported that state police found 40 small cylindrical bombs with fins meant to be released from drones, as well as bomb-making materials.

Who are the other people coming through our southern border who could engage in violence—

The most confrontational of the groups in the caravan are military-aged Syrian males.  [Anthony] Rubin also saw South Americans with markings indicating gang affiliations.

‘I see aliens from over a hundred countries,’ war correspondent Michael Yon, who is currently near the Darien Gap, told Gatestone, ‘including growing rivers of Chinese, Arabs of many sorts, Afghans of various sorts, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Iranians, Venezuelans, and on and on.’ By far, most are military-aged men unencumbered by impulse control or political correctness.’

*     *     *     *

With the controversy over our support of Israel, the KSTs more than likely are prepared to attack the U.S. (We are often referred to as the Big Satan.) From their standpoint, we are supporting the enemy and must be stopped. We have no way of knowing if organized cells have entered the country and are preparing for violence, or if new cells will organize. Although some efforts have been made by the Biden administration to provide technology to aid in stopping the illegal migrants, the flood continues.

It seems that all we can do is wait.

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  1. JoelB Member

    American communities could be subject to Hamas-like attacks from within our own borders now, but don’t worry, the DOJ is getting all those Jan 6. insurrectionists corraled.

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  2. Susan Quinn Member
    Susan Quinn

    JoelB (View Comment):

    American communities could be subject to Hamas-like attacks from within our own borders now, but don’t worry, the DOJ is getting all those Jan 6. insurrectionists corraled.


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  3. WillowSpring Member

    Susan Quinn: It seems that all we can will do is wait.     FIFY


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  4. Susan Quinn Member
    Susan Quinn

    WillowSpring (View Comment):

    Susan Quinn: It seems that all we can will do is wait. FIFY


    You got that right, WS.

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  5. Red Herring Coolidge
    Red Herring

    Illegal entry should result in a permanent ban on citizenship.

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