Konstantin Kisin’s Magnificent Speech for Western Civilization


I won’t say much, as I do not wish to cause anything Kisin says to thud when you hear it.  This is an impassioned (not melodramatic) speech given at an event organized by, among others, Jordan Peterson (YouTube).  The speech is short and enjoyable, inspiring, memorable.  Western Civilization is already in the fight of this generation’s lives, and most are unaware, with many on the wrong side.

If you know the podcast Triggernometry (YouTube), this is that guy.  Yep, a stand-up comedian.  I didn’t know that until I read this write-up at RealClearPolitics.

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  1. Susan Quinn Contributor
    Susan Quinn

    A very fine talk. And I agree with him: We are in the fight for our lives. I think about that every time I write a post.

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  2. Gossamer Cat Coolidge
    Gossamer Cat

    I’ve recently taken a different tack with my liberal friends.  When the conversation turned to America’s failings, instead of getting defensive, I explained how grateful my grandparents were to America and the lives they were able to build for themselves and their children.  They didn’t have easy lives.  They experienced prejudices and set backs and illness and death, depressions and wars.  But through it all, they were still grateful and very proud to be Americans.  So how could I, who benefitted from their hard work and sacrifice, be anything but grateful too?   To be otherwise would be churlish and petty.    

    I got interesting reactions from the three groups where I tried this tack.  Two said they appreciated my perspective and understood why I felt the way I did about America.  The third a few days later said that she was grateful too.  The latter statement was made recently, after the Oct 7th attacks.  I think that the barbarism on display in the Middle East has made many rethink their views of Western Civilization.  Some are so far gone that other tactics are needed.  But maybe its time to cross the divide and shore up our side for the fight that is to come.

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  3. DMak Member

    Kisin and his partner, Francis Foster, are fantastic. 

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