Israel Must Invade Now


As the decision to invade Gaza drags on, it’s becoming clear that there will be many losers in this war. We hope that Hamas will be the biggest loser by losing the bulk of its people. But it may not be an exaggeration to say the entire Middle East, if not the conditions of the world, may be at stake.

Israel is not going to make its decision freely. They now have to bow to the demands of the United States, which has pressured them not to invade. Apparently, they hope Hamas will release more hostages, and everyone should be satisfied that progress is being made. Meanwhile, we don’t know how many hostages are actually alive. Also, they have had to agree to humanitarian aid delivery, which up to this point is not subject to visual inspection and could include arms; the aid could also end up in the hands of Hamas. Israel is apparently complying with the U.S. requirements, since they have been told the U.S. could withhold essential armaments otherwise.

The United States believes it has the optimal viewpoint on dealing with Hamas, a group that has no intention of cooperating on anything unless it sets the terms. No matter how badly they are wiped out, they will never give up the fight. Never. They will never agree to an unconditional surrender and everything that would entail. But the United States, married to the idea of negotiation, will also never give up. Our leaders don’t realize that they have sacrificed their reputation and credibility on their own failed military actions. I suspect Israel is only going along with their demands because they think they must. The U.S. is also still trying to maintain a balancing act with Iran. It refuses to call out Iran, actually applying sanctions and starving the mullahs. (After all, they might get upset with us.) And there are rumors that the U.S. wants to manage the war jointly with Israel.

Give me a break.

There are no good solutions to this horrible situation. But Israel must prioritize the best options in this war:

It must invade Gaza sooner rather than later, taking out as many tunnels and terrorists as possible, knowing that the hostages may die as will many IDF soldiers.

The consequences will be terrible. The entire world will call them monsters. The U.S. will be furious, but once Israel goes in, I think the U.S. will finally give them the weapons they need; the U.S. doesn’t want to cause another Holocaust. Many people on all sides, including the hostages, will likely die.

But we have to ask the simple question: do we want Israel to survive? The main issue is existential, and all the other arguments and justifications are secondary. Israel jeopardizes its future if it does not destroy Hamas. The longer it waits, the more opportunities Hamas has to re-arm.

Israel must go in now.

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  1. Red Herring Coolidge
    Red Herring

    ctlaw (View Comment):

    James Lileks (View Comment):

    I’m just wondering if everyone isn’t getting their ducks in a row to hit Iran. Which might be complicated by the possibility that they already have a nuke or two. (Which, for no reason at all, I think they do.)

    Or 30. The size and duration of their program and level of outside help suggests at least as much with likely breakout into the many hundreds when they are ready (e.g., have sufficiently perfected MIRVed ICBMs).

    Its unhittable. Everything is buried deep and well protected. We gave up on nuclear penetrators that would be needed to attack such targets.

    The existing warheads on MRBMs are well dispersed and would be launched mixed in a barrage of missiles with conventional and chem/bio warheads to overwhelm defenses.

    Yep, and MAD doesn’t deter apocalypse-thinking folks. As Bernard Lewis said, “MAD isn’t a deterrent but an inducement.” They don’t care if they die. We want to live. They will use that difference to their advantage. We were warned. And warned. And warned.

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