Hamas Slaughters Jews and the Heathen Sides With Hamas


Why do the heathen rage? That was the question posed by David in Psalm 2 of the Old Testament. And by the way, David was king of the United Kingdom of Israel some 1,600 years before there was any such thing as Islam. So, just to be clear, the Jews were there first, long before Islam was spread across the region through violent conquest. But the answer to the question posed in the psalm is that they, the heathen, are basically at war with God and his laws.

And O how the heathen do rage! Throughout the West — formerly known as “Christendom” and now known as a self-loathing civilization in severe decline — they rage in every major city and especially on the hallowed grounds of so-called “institutions of higher learning.” Take Harvard, for example. Originally established as a college whose main purpose was to educate clergy, more than 30 student groups recently justified the actions of the terrorist group/death cult known as Hamas after its murderous, bloodthirsty incursion into Israel from Gaza.

Among the mindboggling atrocities was the slaughter of hundreds of young people at an outdoor concert billing itself as a “journey of unity and love.” Unsurprisingly, Hamas isn’t really into all that touchy-feely stuff; they’re more the blood-and-guts type, especially when it involves shooting Jews while they’re conveniently gathered at a peacenik concert.

Think about the pretzel-like contortions the human mind must go through to justify what Hamas did in Israel: the murder, the slaughter, the torture, the rape, the beheadings, the kidnappings. In the minds of contemporary Harvard student groups — or those of most any other postmodern university — the aforementioned crimes against humanity are perfectly understandable given the “oppression” of “Palestinians” by the “Zionist entity.” You too would slaughter children and the elderly, you too would behead babies if you lived under such conditions. It’s only natural when a people long for freedom!

The only problem with this line of reasoning, other than every last bit of it, is that Gaza isn’t oppressed by Israel. The world’s “largest open-air prison,” as terror sympathizers often call it, is instead oppressed by the Hamas death cult who control it. And the absolute last thing Hamas is concerned with is improvement of any kind for the lives of the two million hapless souls living under its control.

See, back in 2005, Israel decided to vacate this territory they had occupied since the ‘67 war to see if “land for peace” would really work. Israel basically said, Here it is, do with it as you will, build a prosperous society.

Epic fail!

So, why haven’t they taken this lovely piece of real estate along the Mediterranean and turned it into an oasis of freedom and prosperity? Why aren’t European tourists and Western elites flocking to beach resorts and hotels on that beautiful, historic coast, drinking in the culture, the sights and sounds, the food, the balmy climate?

Well, because Hamas soon became the elected government and the whole place is the moral equivalent of Jonestown, except far worse. At Jonestown, they only killed themselves. In Gaza, they dream of nothing other than killing every man, woman and child within the confines of the neighboring Zionist entity. That has proven not to be a mindset with which a people build a prosperous and successful society.

No wonder Western university elites, and all other normal people, don’t vacation there. But while they don’t want to go there, they sympathize with the demonic death cult from afar, making absurd rationalizations for it all. And thus, hundreds of thousands of depraved and broken people — essentially the husks of former sentient humans — filled the streets of Western cities from Paris to London to New York to Sydney in their heathenistic rage. Some chanted things like “from the river to the sea” and even “gas the Jews!” No need to read between the lines there.

So, how has it come to this? While the antecedents go far back, it was during the ‘60s that the West began its wholesale rejection of Judeo-Christian religion and morality, and has been on a downward trajectory ever since. Without God — and the Judeo-Christian God specifically — there simply is no decency, no rationality, no wisdom, no peace. In the ensuing moral and spiritual vacuum that was created, every institution of any significance, particularly universities, was eventually infested with and rotted out by foolishness, Marxist ideologies, depravity of every kind and general corruption.

Those fallen institutions have already long celebrated the death cult of abortion and depopulation and sexual perversion and the destruction of marriage and family, so it’s little wonder that they openly celebrate the Hamas death cult. And it is little wonder that they focus such heathenistic rage on the tiny country that is the source of our Judeo-Christian heritage. And so, while Hamas and other barbarians do the dirty work of physically killing Jews, the fallen Western elites do their dirty work of insidiously destroying our Judeo-Christian heritage from within.

And let’s not overlook how the scourge of identity politics affects the thinking of those who rage against Israel and its very existence. It’s been around for decades, but it became especially virulent post-George Floyd. See if you can follow the intricate reasoning: White people are irredeemable oppressors. Peoples of color are their victims. Are you with me so far? Now, Israelis are mostly white and . . . That’s right, the so-called Palestinians are the oppressed people of color. Got it?

And of course, circumstances have no relevance to the identity politics-obsessed, heathenistic rage crowd. That tiny Israel is the only Jewish state on earth and is surrounded by endless Islamic countries that want them dead doesn’t matter. Nor does it matter that Islam took over a wide swath of the planet by violent conquest. (Talk about stolen land!) Nor does it matter that blood-mad barbaric terrorists like Hamas would gladly slit the throats of most of their white Western apologists without batting an eye. (Seriously, Queers For Palestine might want to rethink their position. But they won’t.)

So again, because they are at war with God and his laws, the heathen rage against everything under the sun, especially imaginary oppression and injustices. And because they are rendered incapable of distinguishing between true good and true evil, they have everything upside-down, backward, and inside-out. And because such wisdom-lacking people are in control of every institution, moral, intellectual and spiritual chaos now reign supreme over the West.

Given these circumstances, there is nothing Israel can do to win the world’s, or even the West’s, approval. The current United States presidential administration is giving heavy lip service about support for Israel, but all that support is going to be burdened with conditions that will make it impossible for Israel to decisively win its war against Hamas. President Biden is even mouthing nonsense about the impossible and absurd “two-state solution,” as if Israel can coexist with a neighboring state totally dedicated to its destruction.

Hello? They already tried a two-state solution with Gaza. How’d that turn out?

And the heathen rage on.

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  1. kedavis Coolidge

    DrewInWisconsin, Demagogue (View Comment):

    kedavis (View Comment):

    In simple image form, for easy sharing by email etc:

    The link I posted is better for sharing. Because the image is a bit misleading. Bari Weiss is quoting someone else when she begins “As a Democrat who has been left homeless, who is now definitely in the center . . .”

    Yes, I noticed that later.  I’ll construct an image of the original article in a bit.

    The mis-/non-attribution is because of the Twitter poster, who was not Weiss.

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  2. DrewInWisconsin, Demagogue Member
    DrewInWisconsin, Demagogue

    kedavis (View Comment):

    DrewInWisconsin, Demagogue (View Comment):

    Here’s that whole piece:


    Turns out that some of the Twitter post- which was by someone else – included quotations from the Weiss article from other people, without proper attribution. (Weiss had attribution, but the Twitter poster didn’t.)

    Yes, that’s what I said above.

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  3. kedavis Coolidge

    Here you go, I think I got it all but let me know if you find anything missing.


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