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  1. navyjag Coolidge

    Agree.  They fly over San Francisco during Fleet Week.  My favorite time. Only the dog objects.  A few years ago the Australian destroyer Brisbane was one of the ships open to the public. It’s predecessor, same name, guarded the Kitty Hawk in 72-73 as several Australian destroyers worked with U.S. Navy. A few officers from that ship came over to ours for dinner.   Were shocked there was no alcohol. Great group. Introduced myself when onboard the new ship at Fleet Week and said worked with it back when.  Australian sailor says “my grandad was on that ship.” Old age is a beast. Now the front half of my favorite old Aussie destroyer is hanging out the second floor of the war museum in Canberra. 

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  2. John Park Member
    John Park

    The Blue Angel Marathon and Half-Marathon started on the Naval Air Station with a flyover. That lasted until Hurricane Rita came ashore right about at the Naval Air Station.

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  3. Susan Quinn Contributor
    Susan Quinn

    Since you and I have met, I have just as much fun imagining your delight at these events! So exciting!

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  4. Jim George Member
    Jim George

    Susan Quinn (View Comment):

    Since you and I have met, I have just as much fun imagining your delight at these events! So exciting!

    Susan, as a very rough estimate, I have probably seen about 80 or more shows or practices of these incredible aviators and even have timed my favorite maneuver, the sneak pass, down to the minute (17 minutes after the opening fly by if you’re ever at a show!). My obsession, for that is what it probably is, brings to mind Patton’s famous line in the movie about his love of war: “I love it so!” I try to see all 3 performances of their big beach show after the 4th of July, the rough rehearsal, the dress rehearsal and the show on Saturday and have been successful at that goal for some years now – as the old saying goes, so far, so good! I’m sending a video I took of the sneak pass back in June and hope it will open up — they reach a speed of 700 mph! All the best to you and Jerry, Jim

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  5. Jim George Member
    Jim George

    Susan, I forgot to mention that this year they added their first female pilot, Lt. Amanda Lee who flies #3. 

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  6. Doug Watt Moderator
    Doug Watt

    I’ve been fortunate enough to see the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds fly. When my wife and I spent time in Arizona we attended two airshows at Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson. Admission was free as well as parking.

    The F-22 Demonstration Team was also very impressive. I have an Honorable Discharge from the Air Force Reserve and after 9/11 I thought I would never have another chance to visit an Air Force base due to security concerns. The flying, static displays and walking round the flight line and the hard stand at Davis Monthan brought back some good memories.

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  7. Cow Girl Thatcher
    Cow Girl

    We spent our 49-year marriage living near Naval Air stations, in California and Maryland, and then we ended up here in Las Vegas, right down the street from Nellis Air Force base that is home to the Thunderbirds. To see an airshow, all we ever had to do was go out into the backyard!! I LOVE them! We’ve also gone to some of the bases and watched up close, too, and enjoyed all the walking around and checking out the displays and the cool stuff. 

    Thanks for sharing this fly-by today! 

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  8. navyjag Coolidge

    Navy guy so love the Blue folks. But saw the Thunderbirds at Tinker AFB in OKC when I was young. Also impressive. But the Blue Angels have been coming to SF for decades.  Just want to find out which ships are coming in Oct. so I can get on them to brag about my adventures in 1972. . 

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  9. Front Seat Cat Member
    Front Seat Cat

    So Awesome!!!

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