Money & Politics Podcast: How Do Economies Grow?


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How do economies grow? And where on this subject do the right and left agree and disagree? 

In this episode of Ricochet’s Money & Politics podcast,  we discuss that issue with John Cochrane, professor of finance  at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. In addition to his research on asset pricing, Professor Cochrane has written on the relationship  between deficits and inflation, the effects of monetary policy, and health insurance among other subjects. He also blogs as “the Grumpy Economist” at  

jcochrane.jpgIn the podcast, we discuss a  blog post by left-liberal economist and Larry Summers pal Brad DeLong, “The Seven Cardinal Virtues of Equitable Growth,” which outlines the center-left perspective on growth.

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    Prof. Cochrane is hardly grumpy and always a delight–thank you for interviewing him.

    I particularly enjoyed his calling out DeLong’s usage of “Invest in…”–the craftily termed, flimsy liberal solution to all economic woes.

    His textbook Asset Pricing pulled me through my graduate macro, though I’m not sure whether to be more grateful for this or his delicious op-eds. :)

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