Smith College Out in Left Field


Just when it can’t get more ridiculous, the left seems once again to lower the bar even further. They love to be outrageous. It keeps us occupied on frivolous things rather than talking about important subjects like our southern border or the $220K debt per taxpayer.

Smith College in the western Mass town of Northampton has canceled the word ‘field.’

“We recognize that language is powerful and that phrases such as ‘going into the field’ or ‘fieldwork’ may hold negative associations,” the email said. “While this change may seem small, it is an action among many others, to keep us accountable to our values, to our students and to our Smith SSW community.”

As part of the language changes, most titles at the School of Social Work that contain the word “field,” such as field team or field education, have been altered with the Latin word practicum. Field instructors are now clinical supervisors. It also advises replacing the term “into the field” with “in the internship experience” and the “social work field” as “social work profession.”

Northampton is probably the most liberal town west of Worcester. I consider it P-town, Provincetown on the cape, without good restaurants or the ocean. I would say it’s a tie between there and Lenox in the Berkshires, where the elite sends their bratty kids away for the summer.

You can’t just say it needs to be deleted because it brings negative associations. So, by this drive-by assassination of the word field, we are supposed to just know black slaves have worked in a field, and therefore the field is at fault and must be eliminated. Say what you mean, Smith College. Seriously, they are like three year old’s with hands over their ears screaming LA LA LA LA, I can’t hear you.

Is this an extension on why guns are bad and not the people who do the killing?

You may recall a couple years ago, this is the college that openly practices segregation.

According to a report by the College Fix, Smith College has announced that it is going to introduce segregated housing options for sophomores, juniors, and seniors at the college. The first of these dormitories opened in September. One was designated for black students and the other for “students of color.”

So it’s blacks in one dorm, Latinos in another, and whites go away. They went on to say anyone can apply to live in the new residential communities. That’s like the car dealer commercials saying all loan applications will be considered.

Fenway Park left FIELD, Green Monstah

This place has serious issues. Who in their right mind would pay $85,762 per year to have their kid completely brainwashed?

Undergraduate Tuition

Tuition                               $61,260

Room and Board             $21,310 (restrictions apply)

Activities Fee                    $308

Health Insurance             $3,148

Total                                  $85,762

I’m not sure if that covers field work. We would be fielding questions here. Will Brady take the field this year? Ridiculous.

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  1. TBA Coolidge

    “We recognize that language is powerful and that phrases such as [                                  ] may hold negative associations…”

    There is no limiting factor on ‘may hold negative associations’ and there is no limiting factor to the possibilities of abstraction. 

    • #31
  2. Chowderhead Coolidge

    Front Seat Cat (View Comment):

    I’m glad you explained the cockamamie problem they are seeing with the word ‘field’, because I could not come up with that one on my own. Do they sit in a room and go through the dictionary? I guess insanity now means sane…….

    Really that was just a guess. That’s why I called it a drive-by assassination of the word. It is hereby destined for the  trash heap and if anyone requires an explanation you are a racist. 

    • #32
  3. OmegaPaladin Moderator

    If you hear “field” and immediately think of slaves working in fields, perhaps you should stop watching Roots every single week.

    Seriously, this is lunacy.  There is no reasonable replacement for the STEM use of the word field.   Do the crazy people behind this panic when someone talks about magnetic fields?  How would such a social worker interact with poor farmers or migrant workers without using field?   What about kids who play baseball or softball? 

    • #33
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