Called a Bigot and Villified by Trans Movement, Trans Man Scott Won’t Shut Up About the Dangers of Transitioning our Teens


Scott was once a woman, and is someone who gave birth and is a mother. For whatever reason, at age 42, she decided to go the route of transitioning to a man.

Scott has now become an outspoken critic of the entire trans situation. For one thing, he points to the cost of his experiment: now at around $1 million. This includes the cost of his body’s ongoing battle of fighting off continual infections. (Doctors cannot explain why these infections are ongoing.)

He points to the facts coming out that young teen girls who transition are found to be so affected by hormone blockers that their spines are not properly fusing, and they will walk hunched over and be dead by age 30. (Meanwhile, many of these girls had parents who went along with the process as they were told their daughters were likely candidates for suicide if they were not fully supported by their parents and allowed to go through with transitioning.)

Scott now insists that what is missing in the education of our pre-teens and teens regarding their identity is that there is more than one way to be a woman. But rather than that logical statement being emphasized when teachers and others talk to the girls, this mantra of an individual who possesses “a strong personality and a strong thinker” is actually a male trapped in a female body is endlessly presented.

The film has a run time of a little over 9 minutes.

Scott also points to how the hormone blocker producing company, Lupron, was in the recent past forced by a lawsuit to pay over $800 million for its criminal behavior.

Additionally, from a tweet offered up by my tweet feed today: Joey Mannarino
(@JoeyMannarinoUS) and Dr. Lisa Littman did a survey in 2018 of 256 parents whose children presented with rapid-onset gender dysphoria. 82.8% of the subjects were girls.

The findings are mind-blowing.

The average age when they announced they were transgender was 15.2 years of age.

41% of the children had expressed non-heterosexual orientation before identifying with transgenderism.

62.5% of the children had a diagnosis of at least one mental health disorder or neurodevelopmental disorder (such as autism) before the onset of gender dysphoria. Telling.

36.8% of the children had friend groups in which the majority had identified as transgender. This one is important. Nearly 40% of these people had a majority of their friends as transgender. So, yes, you can be groomed into it.

47.2% of the children had a decline in mental health after expressing gender dypshoria. They always tell you that changing genders will make you happier, but that finding contradicts that.

57.3% had a decline in parent–child relationships after expressing gender dysphoria. This one makes sense. The children isolate from their parents because they get closer to their groomers at school, groomer groups online, etc.

25% stopped spending time with non-transgender friends. That is extremely concerning. Makes me think of radicalization.

49.4% tried to isolate themselves from their families. So, nearly 50% of these transgender children don’t even want to be associated with their families anymore.

46.6% were reported by parents to only trust information from transgender sources. This one is absolutely terrifying. It sounds like a complete cult.

86.7% of the young people, after expressing GD, showed an increase in social media/ internet use or belonged to a friendship group in which one or multiple friends had identified as transgender within the same time frame. Or both.

So, it just reinforces the phenomenon that this is not naturally occurring. The sudden increase in childhood transgenderism is something that is a social factor.

They are isolating themselves and cutting themselves off from the outside world other than their bubble of transgender friends.

This isn’t shocking because we know that children are young and impressionable. That’s why they’re throwing these pronouns down people’s throats at schools.

But, Littman’s study gets even more interesting.

60.0% of the friend groups were known to mock people who were not transgender. There was also strong evidence that if a child then decided they were not transgender after all, they experienced serious problems subsequently with being branded as a fake or a traitor. This necessitated moving to different schools in some cases.

So, not only do they go into these social groups to feel accepted, but they are mocked if they leave. So imagine you get sucked into the transgender thing for a few weeks or months because your friends are all doing it, but then you decide it’s not for you. You get mocked, bullied, and even have to switch schools. It’s that much of a cult.

And if you want to really dig deep into this stuff, a study conducted prior to this by Dr. Melanie Bechard shows the following statistics about transgender youth:

80% had had some form of prior outpatient assessment for psycho-social or psychological problems.

22% had been inpatients for such problems.

54% had been on psychopharmacologic medication.

34% had dropped out of school.

62% had had suicidal ideation.

36% had self-harmed.

20% had a history of physical abuse.

10% had a history of sexual abuse.

We are destroying our youth so that the virtue signalers of the world can feel good about themselves! Share these facts with everyone.

When Joe Biden says that we need to protect transgender youth, he means that he wants more of this.

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  1. kedavis Coolidge

    I’m sure many people here know about Joe Rogan, most of his “shows” are close to two hours, and I have slogged through a few but find that it’s best to wait for the important clips.

    This came up tonight as recommended to me, and it makes an important point about how crazy the “trans groupies” can be.  Also, as I mentioned elsewhere, the primary support does seem to come from women – notice that Rogan mentions discussing this particular issue with a woman – even if SOME women are noticeably against it.

    NSFW, language, etc.



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  2. CarolJoy, Not So Easy To Kill Coolidge
    CarolJoy, Not So Easy To Kill

    This is what ChatGPT stated when asked “What is a woman?”





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  3. Dotorimuk Coolidge

    Scott is still a woman.

    • #3
  4. CarolJoy, Not So Easy To Kill Coolidge
    CarolJoy, Not So Easy To Kill

    Dotorimuk (View Comment):

    Scott is still a woman.

    A woman who by her own account has shortened her life by  many years, and must deal with on going  infections.

    The pronoun thing is hard for me. Scott looks like a man, sounds like a man, but biologically speaking remains a female.

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  5. Painter Jean Moderator
    Painter Jean

    Dotorimuk (View Comment):

    Scott is still a woman.

    Yes, she is. I refuse to go along with anyone’s “preferred pronouns” if it is not in keeping with reality.

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