Prayers for Those in the Way of Hurricane Ian


Our Priest just sent this out and it states so beautifully the prayers we all have in our hearts for those in the path of this horrendous storm I thought I would share it with you. May God Help them all.

Prayers for Those in the Way of Hurricane Ian 

God, our times are in your hand. In the midst of uncertainty lead us by your never-failing grace as we seek to be agents of healing and hope. Walk with us through difficult times, especially during this time of Hurricane Ian; watch over us in danger; and give to us a spirit of love and compassion for those who suffer and mourn. And finally remind us that you have promised never to leave us so that even in the valley of the shadow of death your love may be felt, through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Holy One, you are our comfort and strength
in times of sudden disaster, crisis or chaos.
Surround us now with your grace and peace
through storm or earthquake, fire or flood. 

By your Spirit, lift up those who have fallen,
sustain those who work to rescue or rebuild,
and fill us with the hope of your new creation; 

God, you are in the midst of those who suffer
May all affected by disasters feel your healing presence. Amen 

God, you are in the hands of those who reach out
Help responders in their courageous work. 

God, you are in the hearts of those compassionate ones
Whose prayers cry out for their families
Whose prayers cry out for their neighbors
Whose prayers cry out even for strangers
Bless and comfort those who mourn. 

God, you are in the still small voice,
The gentle whisper that follows
May our ears always hear
May our hearts always cry out for one another
May our hands always reach out to one another
And may we always walk like you walk
In solidarity with those who suffer
And so reflect your presence and comfort. Amen 

– Prayer adapted from Catholic Relief Services 


@susanquinn and our other Ricochet colleagues in the storm’s path, we send our hopes and prayers that you remain safe from this horrible storm. 

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  1. Susan Quinn Contributor
    Susan Quinn

    Thanks, Jim. Still waiting for the worst to hit, and praying that it won’t be too bad. You take care as well.

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  2. 9thDistrictNeighbor Member

    Just prayed this most beautiful prayer.  

    Such a dreadful storm.

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  3. Franco Inactive

    I have a difficult time with this concept. Maybe those here can help me out.

    About 20 years ago I was in a Tantric Yoga workshop, and the leader – the priestess if you will – encouraged us to, in effect, ‘pray’ for those affected by ‘the war’ in our efforts to create world peace. The year was 2003.

    In my world-peace contemplative state, combined with my knowledge that there were 28 wars on our planet, I felt compelled to ask, “Which one?” I was soaring over the world feeling a connection to the entire world and IAfter a stunned silence I added, “because I recently read the the UN has declared there to be 28 wars on Earth at the current time”. Well that didn’t go over that well, not that I cared. I was there to expand my spiritual life, but I think it put things into perspective. Ironically, the perspective I had was more braid and ‘spiritual’ than Were we really concerned with “world peace” or were we just there to pray for CNN peace?

    Ive been tracking the storm and the devastation is horrific to watch, but this happens in Florida and the Caribbean every fall. One of the reasons I don’t want to live in Florida. But there are pluses and minuses for everything. There are tragedies happening in the world every day, macro and micro, and unless the media decides to cover it, we (apparently?) have no sympathy.

     We have no control, and ‘thoughts and prayers’ should be more universally distributed-especially by religious types of all kinds.

    The appeal might be that for this one thing, ‘everybody’ can get on board, although there is absolutely nothing we can do but help in the aftermath of destruction. We ‘all’ care about the same thing for once. The thing we can do nothing about. 

    My prayers that the hurricane wouldn’t make landfall went unheard, my prayers for it to piddle out into a Topical Storm went unnoticed. It’s okay. I’ll live. ( Or maybe I won’t) that’s a better prediction.

    I think there’s some level of superstition that if we all just focus our minds on one thing, or pray,  then it can at least be mitigated somewhat. Otherwise, we are just reacting to the same dramas that happen over and over that are placed before our senses.

    I’m just going to hope for the best for everyone on the planet going through tremendous difficulty. 



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  4. Painter Jean Moderator
    Painter Jean

    Thank you – that is a lovely prayer.

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  5. 9thDistrictNeighbor Member

    Photograph shared this morning by a friend who lives in the Keys.  A reminder of His promise.

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