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Welcome to another Bo Burnham post.  Yes, I might be considered a fan.  Not everyone is and that’s fine.

Read on to find out why Inside is so brilliant and why the collection of edits ‘from the cutting room floor’, The Inside Outtakes, is not just a view into the bloopers and the process, but almost another version of Inside.  These aren’t the only reasons why Bo Burnham is hilarious, but they are some of them and certainly a good beginning as to why you should enjoy his comedy.

I’ve written about a song from his Netflix special about Covid and being locked in before.  Bo Burnham’s comedy does contain naughty words, so if you are offended by creative (coarse) language it wouldn’t be for you.  However, he is quite insightful about the internet age and how comedy actually functions.  Though accepted, he is someone who did not attend college.  It is pretty spectacular to watch the outtakes with the development of his songs, the chord progressions, and the writing of the transitions all without any formal writing education.  One can almost watch his brain processing everything quickly, moving from idea to idea.  Fascinated as I am by the man himself, much of my entertainment comes from how he is able to do it at all.

I cannot write music.  I have been taught, very minimally, basics in music composition.  I studied it for a couple of years in high school.  I understand chords, progressions, transitions, and such.  I took music appreciation in college.  I should be able to write something tolerable.

Nope.  I cannot write music.

It is a gift that some people have and others are bewildered by.  I am one of the bewildered.

Outtakes documents this process in a way that is different from many musicians and it is mesmerizing.

I strongly suggest that people watch Inside, The Inside Outtakes, and the video by Comedy Without Errors “Bo Burnham: Inside In Context”.

Comedy Without Errors beautifully (and with a dash of humor!) analyzes why Burnham was just the person to document the Covid experience and how it was personally meaningful given his history of agoraphobia.  It adds new layers of enjoyment to this style of comedy by introducing the beginnings, the master (Steve Martin), and how Burnham has brought it into the current era with his self-referential content on the most self-gratifying object ever created; the internet.  I could never do a full analysis justice, given my ADD and push toward just publishing, rather than languishing over my various typos and grammatical errors and run-on sentences and obscenely long parentheticals within parentheticals (that the editors here abhor and likely gag over anytime a post of mine is upvoted (don’t worry, they’ll likely edit this out)).

A glimpse inside The Inside Outtakes.  The song “Joe Biden”, which I hereby dedicate to all the NT folks out there.



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  1. Bryan G. Stephens Thatcher
    Bryan G. Stephens

    Only losers vote Biden.

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  2. Bishop Wash Member
    Bishop Wash

    I need to set aside time and watch Burnham. Years ago a coworker suggested him and I never got around to watching a show. Now you’ve been writing about him lately, reminding me about him. Nice song. 

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