The Skunk Works and Top Gun Maverick


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On Tuesday, my wife and I went to see Top Gun: Maverick. As we are both retired, we took advantage of a Tuesday midday ticket price of $6.75 each. We enjoyed the movie, especially the lack of woke messaging in the film.

The Darkstar aircraft at the beginning of the movie featured the Skunk Works logo. My late father worked for Lockheed. He and my mother took the legendary aviation engineer, and Skunk Works leader, Kelly Johnson out to dinner one evening.

When the Top Gun: Maverick team was looking to push the envelope and stand true to Maverick’s Need for Speed, Skunk Works was their first call. With the Skunk Works expertise in developing the fastest known aircraft combined with a passion and energy for defining the future of aerospace, Darkstar’s capabilities could be more than mere fiction. They could be reality…


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  1. Susan Quinn Contributor
    Susan Quinn


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  2. Doug Watt Moderator
    Doug Watt

    One Lockheed program that does not get a lot of attention is the Auto GCAS system:

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  3. David Foster Member
    David Foster

    The late and very great blogger Neptunus Lex (USN Captain Carroll LeFon) was at one point in his career the executive officer of TOPGUN.  Fortunately, most of his posts have been saved and restored to the Internet.  A great example of a Lex post, this one referencing the original TOPGUN movie, is here.


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  4. JoelB Member

    I am glad to see that the skunk works is still around. I had just assumed it was part of our aerospace capability that had been lost over the years since I had not heard of any aircraft that beat the SR-71.

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