Tired of Looking for Mr. Right, Author Searches for Mr. Righteous — Jon Gabriel


If you’ve been around conservative circles in D.C. for long, you may have heard of Lisa De Pasquale. The Townhall and Breitbart contributor is the former director of CPAC, where she orchestrated conservatism’s largest annual gathering five years in a row. As a result, she seems to know almost everyone in the movement.

But that professional success didn’t translate into spiritual fulfillment or personal happiness — especially in D.C.’s power-mad dating world. De Pasquale chronicles her experiences in her revealing memoir, Finding Mr. Righteous.

Ann Coulter called it “a true Christian story, disguised as racy ‘Chick Lit,’” while acclaimed author Eric Metaxas described it as “very sharply told, sometimes hilarious, sometimes sordid, but always bravely honest account of one woman’s search — in all the wrong places — for connection, meaning, peace, and true love.”

“As I began to think about my past relationships, I thought about my private journey to find God,” De Pasquale wrote in the prologue. “Some brought me closer, others drove me further way. This book is about the men I’ve met on a quest to know Him. Even as I write this, I don’t know how my story will end. Will I find my soul mate or save my soul? Is it too much to ask for both?”

She organizes the book by the guys in her life: Chris the Atheist, Joe the Catholic, Ryan the Preacher, and so on. Each impacted her spiritual journey although most serve as powerful object lessons on how men should never act. The writing is crisp, heartbreaking, funny, and above all, painfully honest.

Walking away from the book, you feel like Lisa is an old friend. Despite her ups and downs, Finding Mr. Righteous shows that you can still find meaning amidst sneaky pols and unfaithful husbands in America’s most cynical town.

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    I can’t believe no one has commented on this!    At any rate, I’m planning on ordering the book.

    Thanks, Jon!

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