I Am Pence-sive Today


Ha, this was in my buffer from last week, so I figured I finish it today.

So, it appears that Mike Pence is considering a run for President in 2024.  When he was announced as the running mate of Trump in 2016 I was unimpressed, and (not in a bad way) never impressed by him in his four years as VP.  As the great Tom Lehrer song “What Ever Became of Hubert?” said in its intro, when LBJ was too ill to attend Churchill’s funeral and someone suggested they send Hubert and he said, “Hubert who?”

There are some who claim he did the US a great service on January 6th, and others who disagree, but it does lead up to a question … does anyone honestly want Mike Pence as President? I mean, is he conservative?  Apparently.  He was evidently a decent Governor of Indiana. He seems to be a decent husband, and a good Christian.  He has (IMO) all the personality of a wet burlap sack, but that hasn’t stopped him so far.

What would his appeal be to the electorate?  Was he spectacular in his debate against Kamala Harris?  I didn’t think so.  Are his stump speeches amazingly captivating?  I cannot remember a single one.  What would his policies be?  What about his foreign policy?  Economic policy? What Justices might he appoint to SCOTUS?

Are there any Pence fans or supporters on Ricochet that can argue why he would be a good President?  Does anyone think that he would unite the party, keeping the new converts that Trump brought (allegedly), while not losing the suburban housewives that Trump lost (allegedly)?  Does anyone think that he would not get Romneyed(tm) by the press and portrayed as weird and out of touch for his faith (they already started that with his attitude towards being alone with women who aren’t his wife), or that when that happens, that he would effectively fight back?

Perhaps that seems to be his greatest weakness (to me), that he does not fight back.  He is stolid and secure in his beliefs and so doesn’t feel the need to fight back when he is maligned.  He is a good Christian who turns the other cheek, but does that work in our culture to get elected?  I don’t think so.  Perhaps if he was a Democrat, then his faith and actions would be touted as amazing and inspiring, but because he is a conservative, they are weird, at best.

So, any Pence supporters out there want to take a chance on selling him to me and others?

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  1. Cassandro Coolidge

    Bishop Wash (View Comment):

    David C. Broussard: Are his stump speeches amazingly captivating? I cannot remember a single one.

    He came to Albuquerque in 2016 and my wife got me a ticket. Better than I expected and I was surprised how confident an image he projected, that they were going to win in November. Not amazing and I don’t think he’d do well at the top of the ticket. As others have pointed out, he caved easily as governor.

    He did have all the portraits of the Vice Presidents who went on to be President hanging in his VP office. Plus one for wishcasting.

    And I believe after the nomination he still formed a Pence/Ryan ticket, expecting Trump to fold.  He was confident of something.

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  2. Cassandro Coolidge

    Red Herring (View Comment):

    There are times for respectable, moral people who exist in the background and quietly keep government running. This isn’t the time and we don’t have the government for his style. I dare say even George Washington isn’t who we need at the moment. Such men are good for the small executive branch but we have created a monster that must be tamed. If we succeed, times will call for such a man. He would be too old to be that person by then.

    Dang!  I think I’ve liked every comment of yours that I’ve read for the past week.

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  3. Cassandro Coolidge

    Steven Galanis (View Comment):


    @ David Broussard

    Was he spectacular in his debate against Kamala Harris? I didn’t think so.

    I thought he destroyed her in the debate.

    @ JoelB

    He was incurious about the election steal – just business as usual.

    He wasn’t incurious at all. For a season, he was the point man on the man-made virus that metastasized into a pandemic. He knew earlier than we did that the fix was on. What could he have done better?

    He should not run for president, not for any of his supposed shortcomings, but because it wouldn’t make any sense.

    He did a good job as VP, and apparently he helped President Trump a lot more by being on the ticket in 2016 than Tim Kaine did HC.

    Yes, I tend to think that he was responsible for the constitution and running of the whole White House covid team.  It seems likely that he himself put Fauci into the limelight.  He’s quiet, and he’s focused and as I could see at the covid press conferences, can lie better than most.

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  4. Headedwest Coolidge

    Pence is kind of like a lower-energy Jeb Bush.

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  5. Red Herring Coolidge
    Red Herring

    Dotorimuk (View Comment):

    Red Herring (View Comment):

    Franz Drumlin (View Comment):

    Could we maybe dial back on the “we need someone who fights” talk? Electoral politics is not a Sumo wrestling match with the win going to the guy who shoves his opponent off the mat. Victory goes to the candidate who persuades more people to vote for him or her than the other candidate. And by persuade I mean convinces, assures, argues effectively, commands respect through action and demeanor.

    Perhaps you should look at how the Dems fight and win. Yes, Repubs suck at messaging. Trump is the only one good at it and Repubs are trying to trash him like they trashed Cruz.

    Trump trashed Cruz as well, with total nonsense. And I ended up voting for him twice, because of the alternative. Will do it again, but hope I don’t have to.

    Let’s nominate someone under 70 for a change.


    Like Obama? W? I will be 69 soon. From where I sit, too many younger people don’t have acquired wisdom and are social/political climbers. People would have had a younger Trump in his second term if these younger people hadn’t been such emotional putzes. 

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  6. EJHill Podcaster

    HeadedwestPence is kind of like a lower-energy Jeb Bush.

    Pence makes Jeb! look like’s addicted to uppers.

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  7. Ed G. Inactive
    Ed G.

    AMD Texas (View Comment):

    Headedwest (View Comment):

    GFHandle (View Comment):

    Jager (View Comment):
    That does not mean he has what it takes to win an election, or that he would get much of a following.

    I agree 100%.

    It’s just that I don’t think Pence deserves to be dissed. I remember when he took his kids to see “Hamilton” and the ignorant and impolite cast ranted at him after the show. He took it graciously and told his kids “That’s democracy at work.” He was right. That’s what makes America great, not to mention our long record of peaceful transition of power.

    So his ability to absorb abuse is his biggest strength?

    Frankly, that is not something to dismiss. Donald Trump would still be President if he showed the least bit of an ability to ignore his detractors.

    If Trump had ignored his detractors then Jeb! would have been the nominee and Hillary would be onto her second term. If he had started ignoring his detractors only once he became president then he would have been impeached and unanimously removed as a Putin stooge and colluder.

    What few have come to grips with, I think, is the extent to which whatever negative impression one has of Trump is the result of the concentrated and coordinated (and mostly false and unfair) propaganda smear campaign run against him, including media neagitivity and actual weaponization of government and IC resources. Detractors amplified have a tendency to not go away and to only get worse.

    If his performance as president was otherwise worthy of reelection yet *those tweets tho* or some such, then the failure was in not snapping those voters out of it. Trump, as good as he was, couldn’t ever do that all on his own. Too many in our instituri=tions went all partisan and BAMN; too many on the right went wobbly and appeasey.

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  8. Kirk Spears Coolidge
    Kirk Spears
    @Kirk Spears

     Everyone seems to want a fighter. Maybe I’m naive, but wasn’t there a time when that wasn’t the top credential for running? Maybe it wasn’t even in the mix? I know times are different and that our politics have devolved. I guess I wonder at what point do things get better? Can our politics be healed, or are we doomed to spiral to lower and lower levels until we take up arms against each other and flush this great nation into the sewer of other failed nations?

    I admire Pence for what he did in standing up to the stolen election nonsense. Having said that, I don’t believe he’s likely to win the nomination or be elected. He lacks personal charisma, which has always mattered, but now seems to be an absolute requirement. Then again, who doesn’t have more charisma than a mentally-foggy incumbent with dismal approval numbers?

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  9. Headedwest Coolidge

    Kirk Spears (View Comment):

    Everyone seems to want a fighter. Maybe I’m naive, but wasn’t there a time when that wasn’t the top credential for running?

    There was a time when every Republican nominee was not immediately labeled “the next Hitler”.

    That time has passed.

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  10. DaveSchmidt Coolidge

    A bit of research can probably document when campaign rhetoric shifted from “I will work for . . .” to “I will fight for . . .”

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  11. Red Herring Coolidge
    Red Herring

    We weren’t always at war with cultural Marxists but now we are. Those who recognize this as a battle for the soul of America see it as a fight and want a fighter. Those who think it is just partisanship caused by undiplomatic politicians and “cults” want statesmen. The cultural Marxists want to destroy capitalism and the Constitution and replace them with their vision. Realizing that Marx’s idea of  how to do that wouldn’t work, they sought to undermine our culture through a “long march through the institutions.” All are in their crosshairs: marriage, family, race, religion, education, government, history, art, music, literature….

    study critical theory and the Frankfurt School.

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  12. Jerry Giordano (Arizona Patriot) Member
    Jerry Giordano (Arizona Patriot)

    HeavyWater (View Comment):

    I think Pence would make a good president. I also think that if Pence were the Republican nominee in 2024, he would beat the Democratic nominee, whoever that person is.

    But I don’t think Pence will win the Republican nomination in 2024 unless both Trump and DeSantis decide not to run.

    As I see it, the nominee will be either Trump or DeSantis unless neither of them run, in which case it is possible Pence could win the nomination or maybe someone like Tom Cotton could be the nominee.

    As for Pence caving on RFRA, it’s interesting that during that same time frame, Trump denounced the North Carolina bathroom bill, which was passed to prevent dudes from using women’s bathrooms.

    Corporations were threatening to boycott North Carolina and Trump sided with the Corporations rather than with women in North Carolina who didn’t want to share their bathrooms with men who pretend to be women.

    So, if people are going to say that Pence is weak for not standing firm for RFRA in the face of boycott threats (I live in Indaina, so I know how sigificant those boycott threats were), then why not apply that same standard to Trump, who went out of his way to criticize the conservative Republicans of North Carolina on the transgender issue?

    In any case, I like Mike Pence. But he’s not my number 1 choice for 2024. Ron DeSantis is.

    Good points, HW.  I disagree with you about quite a bit, but I agree with this, at least in part.

    The difference, probably, is that I am disappointed in both Trump and Pence for weakness on issues of perversion.

    I do find this more disappointing in Pence than in Trump.  I think that Pence is a Christian believer and a real social conservative, so I expected him to take a stand on these issues.  I don’t think that Trump is a believer, and he is socially conservative only on abortion, so I wasn’t surprised at his lack of interest in this issue.

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