ACF Europe #18: La Grande Bellezza


So the podcast’s back, courtesy of my friends at Hillsdale, who handle the audio production! This week, it’s back to Europe, just in time for the summer—Italy, beauty, Paolo Sorrentino! This was a big success internationally in 2013, including victories at the Oscars and BAFTA, but it is wildly underappreciated because it is misunderstood. The movie is strikingly critical of Italy’s nihilistic elites, vaguely Progressive liberals, in the odor of the left, but out of ideas and quite lifeless, which are recognizable everywhere else in Europe and even in America. So my friend Sebastian Edoardo di Giovanni joins me again from Italy to make the case for Sorrentino, our 21st c. Fellini.

If you want to listen to the previous Sorrentino podcast I did with Sebastian, on his latest movie, which was also nominated for the Oscars, The Hand of God (available on Netflix), here it is–the best movie made last year:

Further, I remind you I interviewed Sebastian about…

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